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VR Technology Is Changing The Face Of Theme Parks

VR technology has really taken off in recent years, and now several companies are doing new and exciting things with their designs. One idea that initial tech developers probably didn’t come up with though is using VR headsets in theme park rides. Over the last year, VR enabled rides have exploded all across the world. […]


Google’s Pixel Takes On The Mighty iPhone

Google has recently announced it’s new line of phones, and for the first time they’re ditching the Nexus branding and going it alone. The result is the Pixel, Google’s first ever phone that’s been designed and made entirely in house. In their super slick announcement video, Google goes through all the cool new features that […]


Youtube Heroes Raises Issues For Content Creators

On September 20th, Youtube announced it’s plans to launch it’s ‘Youtube Heroes’ system for moderators on the site. Thanks to the gamification model of hiring moderators, many Youtube content creators have been speaking out about their concerns. So, what is Youtube Heroes and why are content creators so upset about it? Any aspiring moderators will […]


Can Video Game Movies Ever Be Good?

Video game movies are nothing new. Almost since the popularization of video games, movies of them have been put into production, with… mixed results to say the least. This isn’t stopping the movie industry though, with a whole slew of video game tie ins coming out in the near future. 2016 has already seen some […]


What’s Next For Nintendo Mobile?

Nintendo have always seemed as though they were going to ignore the mobile gaming market. While other publishers were taking advantage of the platform, albeit with mixed results, Nintendo just carried on doing what it does best. In the last year though, they’ve exploded onto the scene. What’s going on with their mobile apps currently, […]

A guest takes a photo of the Apple logo at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Monday, June 13, 2016, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The Most Important News From Apple’s iPhone Event

Apple held it’s iPhone event on the 7th September, and they’ve announced some huge new changes for the world’s most popular mobile phone. Here’s all the important news from the event that you need to know. The 7 and 7 Plus are now here It’s true, the newest iterations of the iPhone are here and […]


What We’ve Learned From Kickstarter Games

Kickstarter has proved to be a good home for ambitious gaming development projects, as well as projects related to video games. Recently, a Dark Souls themed board game was a huge success on the crowdfunding platform, raising $5.4 million, or around £3,753, to get made. It’s clear to see that it’s a place where gaming […]


Is No Man’s Sky The Disaster Some Think It Is?

There always seems to be one big scandal or another in gaming, and this time it’s around No Man’s Sky. The game came out on 10th August on PS4 and the 12th on PC, and the gaming community is highly divided on what they think of it. Half of them are delighted with the game […]


Is Instagram ‘Stories’ The New Snapchat?

Dedicated Instagram followers found recently that their favourite photography app has been updated with the ‘Stories’ capability. This new function allows users to take and post photos and videos that won’t live on their feeds permanently. Instead, the pictures only last 24 hours, and are shown in a separate ‘stories’ feed. Sound familiar? Users of […]


How Might Augmented Reality Revolutionize Gaming Apps?

Now that Pokémon GO has burst onto the scene, more people than ever before are able to enjoy a gaming experience that incorporates augmented reality. Not to be confused with virtual reality, augmented reality is a technology that blends your actual environment with virtual graphics, sounds and gameplay. The camera in your smart phone is […]


Can ‘This Is The Police’ Handle The Heavy Topics It Brings Up?

Furious debate has sprung up around the Kickstarted game This Is The Police, a crime management simulation game from developers Weappy. Released on the 2nd August, This Is The Police puts you in the shoes of Freeburg police chief Jack Boyd. Boyd is being forced to retire by the corrupt Mayor of the fictional town, […]


Can Clinton Clinch The Nomination With An App?

Anyone who’s even glanced at the internet or their TV for what feels like the last ten years will know all about the US general elections. The top candidates for their next president are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and no matter who wins it feels like history will certainly be made. No matter where […]


So, What Makes Pokemon Go Just So Ridiculously Popular?

So, no matter how hard you try and get away from it, Pokemon Go is here to stay. With the summer holidays now in full force, you’ve probably seen kids (and their parents) out in the streets, on the hunt for those elusive pocket monsters. So, just how popular has the game become? According to […]


This Is How Pokemon Go Is Changing The World For The Better

So Pokemon Go launched in the UK last Friday, and it seems that the whole country, if not the whole world, has caught Pokemon fever. Everywhere you go, you can spot Pokemon Trainers running around catching the virtual pocket monsters hiding in plain sight. It’s clearly great fun, but what Nintendo clearly didn’t expect is […]


Everybody’s Talking About Pokemon Go, So We Are Too

In the last week, all the tech world can talk about is the release of Pokemon Go. The app game has become a phenomenon, leading Pokemon fans to walk for miles in search of Pokemon to catch. The game has become so popular, it’s even caught the attention of mainstream news. Pokemon Go works using […]


Spotify vs. Apple: Who’s In The Right?

A huge legal war is brewing between Apple and Spotify, all based around how Apple controls developers who use the Apple App Store to distribute their apps. Spotify kicked off proceedings by publicly accusing Apple of trying to freeze them out of the music app market. They claim that Apple have blocked their latest app […]


What ‘Brexit’ Means For The UK Gaming Industry

On Thursday 23rd June this year, the UK voted to leave the European Union. The history making referendum has resulted in backtracking on political promises, the largest crash in the value of the pound since 1985, and the resignation of the prime minister. As you can imagine, the decision is going to have a profound […]


Everything You Need To Know About The 2016 Apple Developer Conference

Another Apple Developer Conference has come and gone, and with it has come another slew of announcements that are sure to have Apple fans excited about upcoming changes within the company. There were no major hardware announcements, with most of the conference focusing on how their software can and will be improved. Siri is coming […]


Everything You Need To Know About E3 2016

It’s that time of year again. Journalists and gamers have descended upon Los Angeles for E3 2016, where anyone who’s anyone in the gaming industry is showing off the latest in gaming and gaming technology. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the most exciting announcements that have come out this year. Crash […]

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Can You Really Apply For Jobs By Playing Games? Testing the Debut App

As the academic year draws to a close, recent graduates will be facing down the task of endlessly writing their CVs and covering letters, and hoping to stand out in the increasing crowd of graduates who want the same thing as they do. It’s not an enviable task, by any means. Luckily, there appears to […]


Dating Simulators Find Their Home In App Gaming

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you’re the only human in a high school full of pigeons? How about one where your girlfriend suddenly and inexplicably turns into an alpaca? Perhaps you want to play a game where you pick a romantic suitor from a pack of dinosaurs, instead? If any of […]


Reboots Upon Reboots: When Reinventing A Franchise Works

It feels sometimes that modern media relies more heavily on reboots than it really should. Anyone who’s seen the movies from their childhood make their way back to the cinema, or seen their children watching rebooted versions of their favourite childhood shows, will know what we mean. This problem, however, seems even more prominent in […]


Disney Infinity Isn’t So Infinite Anymore

After just three years of dominating the toys to life gaming scene, Disney have announced that they are ending their Disney Infinity series. At first, the news was surprising, as Disney Infinity had been a runaway success. When the game was first released,the toys became a smash hit and many became hard to find in […]


Snapchat in Hot Water over Dangerous, Offensive and Copycat ‘Lenses’

Over the last few weeks, it’s safe to say that Snapchat doesn’t seem to have had a good time of it. Three different stories have come out about the controversy that their ‘lenses’, filters that can be put over any photo a user takes using the app, have stirred up. Two stories revolve around the […]


MyMagic+: How Walt Disney World is Taking Theme Parks to the Next Level

Any mobile phone owner will be well aware of how your device is slowly taking the place of many of the gadgets in your life. It’s already your torch, your GPS, and increasingly, your method of payment in certain shops. If you want to see this concept taken to the extreme, take a trip to […]


The Atari ET Cartridge Burial: From Myth to History

This post originally appeared on Dojit.com on May 23rd, 2014. As with the tales of the Madden curse and government experiments conducted through Polybius machines, it was easy to dismiss the tales of thousands of ET Atari 2600 cartridges buried in the desert as another urban myth. In a bizarre twist of fate however, the […]


What Can A Loyalty App Do That a Card Can’t?

Loyal Starbucks customers will no doubt use the coffee chain’s app, which gives them free rewards in return for them buying their daily coffee from them. Recently, the company revealed their overhaul of the app in order to personalise the experience for their customers. Now, they will receive ‘stars’ depending on how much they spend […]


Why Have Reddit Finally Released Their Own App?

As you may remember, Reddit has never had it’s own official app. Third party apps are widespread on the iOS and Google Play stores, and in 2014, Reddit acquired one of the most popular apps, Alien Blue. This became the ‘official’ Reddit app until now, as Reddit have finally released their own, first party app […]


Meet the Disabled Gamers Who Are Playing Their Own Way

As a child reading the Official Playstation Magazine, I had my first encounter with disabled gaming in the letters pages. The details are fuzzy now, but a letter writer talked about a specialist controller he used that let him control games with only one hand, but sadly it didn’t work with all games. Luckily, he […]


Miitomo Launch: What Should We Expect?

Remember way back in November, when Nintendo announced their first foray into mobile gaming? That game, Miitomo, is finally launched in Western markets yesterday, after it’s already seen a successful launch in Japan last week. The game is seen as quite an apparent move to steal some of Facebook and other social media apps’ thunder, as […]


Jim Sterling vs. Digital Homicide

You may not know the name Digital Homicide, but you’re soon to become very familiar with it. It’s the name of an indie development company that have created several titles, that are questionable at best. They’ve hit the headlines as they have served gaming journalist Jim Sterling with a lawsuit suing him for up to […]


This Week In Wearable Tech at the Wearable Technology Show

Wearable technology is fast becoming the most exciting and innovative new technology today, so it’s no surprise that they now have an exhibition dedicated solely to them. Held in London over the 15-16th March this week, the Wearable Technology Show showed off the best tech currently available and what’s soon due to come out. Here […]


The Most Elusive Easter Eggs In Gaming

Fallout fans have been having fun in Fallout 4 ever since it’s release, scouring the wastelands looking for secrets and Easter eggs hidden amongst all the debris of the nuclear war. However, in an interview with Pete Holmes recently, the game’s director Todd Howard teased that there were some secrets still left to be found. […]


Facebook Has A Reaction: The Answer To The ‘Dislike’ Button Demand

On the 24th February, Facebook finally unveiled its redesigned ‘like’ button to it’s users worldwide. Now called ‘Reactions’, users can hover or hold down the ‘like’ button (depending on whether they’re using a desktop/laptop, or their mobile), and pick from one of six different reactions to a post. These include the perennial ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘anger’, […]


Apple vs. FBI: What You Need To Know

If you’re following the news, you’ve probably seen a lot of reporting about a legal struggle between the FBI and Apple. But why are the two currently fighting it out in the public eye? It stems back to the December 2015 San Bernardino shootings, perpetrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The FBI, who […]


The Quantum Break Non-Exclusive Reveal: The Console Wars Rage On

A fuss was kicked up in the last week over the upcoming game Quantum Break. Originally, the game was slated to become an Xbox One exclusive, but Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg recently declared that the game will also be available on PC from day one of release. As you can imagine, some Xbox One owners […]


Celebrity Apps: Are They Worth All The Hype?

Anyone who develops apps will tell you that it’s nigh on impossible to get your app noticed out in the real world. With app stores full to bursting with samey games and apps that are as useful as a chocolate teapot, how do you convince jaded users to download YOUR app? The answer is the […]


Goodbye desktop: Facebook users abandon PCs for mobile feeds

How often do you check Facebook on your mobile? You probably check in multiple times a day, while you’re in a queue at the supermarket or sitting around in waiting rooms. Then there’s the times when push notifications come through; get into a heated debate and your phone will be making the Facebook ‘pop’ sound […]


Is The Hoverboard Doomed?

As Big Ben struck 12 last year, many sci fi enthusiasts would have been thinking ‘It’s 2015 now, is this the year that we finally get our hoverboards?’ Thanks to the popularity of Back to the Future 2, which features a bright pink, Mattel branded hoverboard in one scene, it was hoped that eventually we’d […]


‘Stolen’: The Controversial Game You Probably Never Got To Play

You probably hadn’t had the chance to play ‘Stolen’ before it’s creators, Hey, Inc. shut it down on January 14th, but it had become a recent viral hit. The app game let players buy and sell each other, as well as letting them ‘steal’ them, as promised by the game’s title. Despite being an invite-only […]


The CES 2016 Round Up

CES 2016 is now all done and dusted, and all the news that was fit to print has been printed, read about and discussed to death on every tech corner of the internet. However, when there’s just so much news coming out of the exhibition every day, how can you track what’s hot and what’s […]


The Most Exciting Announcements (So Far) from CES 2016

It’s a brand new year, so what better time to showcase the new technology we have to look forward to in 2016? The Consumer Technology Association event in Las Vegas opened it’s doors in Las Vegas yesterday, and will run until the 9th January. During that time, visitors can peruse the show floor for the […]

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Merry Christmas 2015!

Dear readers, Merry Christmas to you! Everyone here at Dojit hopes you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thank you for reading and getting involved, and here’s to another a year packed full of exciting app and gaming news.


Tech Toys Through the Ages: How Gaming Changed the Shape of Christmas

With only eight sleeps until Christmas, those of us with children will know all too well that Father Christmas is employing only the most tech savvy elves, so he can leave the tech toys they want so much under their tree. It feels like in recent years that kids have veered away from Barbie and […]


Episodic Fury: FFVII Fans’ Anger At New Remake Announcement

Since E3, Final Fantasy fans have been over the moon with the news that finally, FINALLY, a Final Fantasy VII remake was in the works. Long considered one of the best Final Fantasy games, fans are excited to see the story of Cloud and his friends overcoming the evil Shinra corporation in shiny HD vision. […]

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The 8 Most Anticipated Games of Christmas 2015

It’s now December, so you can officially put up your Christmas tree, belt out carols, and scoff mince pies without the guilt. After all, ‘tis the season. It’s also time to start thinking about all the games you’re hoping to find in your stocking (or Steam account) on Christmas morning. If you’re still not sure […]


Kotaku vs. Games Publishers: Who’s In The Right?

On the 19th November, Kotaku wrote a now hugely shared and publicized piece about how they were blacklisted by both Bethseda and Ubisoft. Most likely prompted by the release of Fallout 4, which Kotaku reviewed after release, unlike other gaming news sites, they described how, after sharing pieces of leaked information, they were cut off […]


In Defence of the ‘Smartphone Zombie’

It’s becoming a common complaint nowadays. Whenever you sit on a bus or train, there’s always people with their smartphone glued to their hand, glued to it for the whole journey. When you go out for a meal with friends, there’s always one who’s pulling their phone out of their pocket to check their emails […]

Generate targeted push notifications to each player

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am, so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

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A large set of data collections points to trigger personalised notifications

Our solution allows developers to create and manage a push notification solutions targeted at individual players. We provide plugins for both Unity and HTML5 builds. Management of the service is done online, so you have totally control.

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BA(Hons) Entrepreneurship

a venture creation BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Programme which is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards an honours degree with the opportunity to start their own business in a supported environment with guidance from specialist lecturers, practising entrepreneurs and mentors.

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