Is 3D Gaming Dead?

Over the last few years, marketers have had another stab at popularizing 3D technology in films, TV, and most recently gaming. While 3D films in cinemas show no signs of going away any time soon, 3D gaming is another matter. The best example is the Nintendo 3DS. Hailed as a technical marvel when it was released, it was revealed recently that CEO Saturo Iwata cut his own salary by half to offset poor sales of the device.

Cut to now, and Nintendo has now revealed the 2DS. The 2DS is a device capable of playing current 3DS games, but as the name suggests, minus the 3D technology. It also eschews the previous clamshell style design, using a ‘slate’ style design instead.

The announcement of the 2DS, obviously timed to muscle into the market with the imminent Playstation 4 and Xbox One, is interesting. Reception has been mixed online. Some have praised the new design, declaring it to be much more child friendly and durable. Others have criticized Nintendo for the unwieldy design and the fact it’s been ‘dumbed down’ for kids.

What we find more intriguing though is the removal of 3D technology. Nintendo have explained that the 2DS will run alongside the 3DS as opposed to replacing it. However, does this release show that they know 3D isn’t a lot of gamers’ top priority? Money talks, and clearly they have been listening.

It will be worth watching the 2DS to see just how popular it is on release, as we could potentially be seeing the end of the current 3D craze. This particular blogger hopes so, if only because 3D glasses are a pain to fit over your regular specs.

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