Where Were The Original Mobile Games At E3?

Anyone who was following this year’s E3 news would have noticed that a handful of mobile game apps were announced alongside the console and PC titles. Exciting news for mobile gaming fans, but the eagle eyed would have noticed that nearly every game announced was based on a previous, successful gaming franchise. In fact, the […]

Nintendo Announces ‘Free-To-Start’ Mobile Games

There was much excitement recently as Nintendo announced that they’re starting to make mobile games. This is a long awaited, and possibly long overdue, step for the company. Fans are surprised at the announcement, as Nintendo are notoriously averse to change. Their games are widely revered as fantastic titles, but their hardware has always been […]

5 Things Players Want from Mobile Games

Here at Dojit, we’ve talked at great length in the past about what makes a good mobile gaming app, and who’s innovating in the industry. However, we’ve never discussed what makes a gamer pick a game from the ever expanding library on the Apple and Android app stores in the first place. In short, what […]

Dan’s Top Three Mobile Games

A concise run-down of three of my favourite mobile games and apps, unpicking the qualities that set these choices apart from the remainder of the burgeoning and saturated mobile gaming market.   Temple Run Developed and released by Imangi Studios in 2011, Temple Run soon became a synonym for addictive. A game based on the […]

Does the Future Of Mobile Games Lie With Publishers?

Or do publishers lie about the future of mobile games? Do we need a new type of mobile game publisher and is the age of DIY publishing dying out as the bigger boys enter the market place. These and many other thoughts we have been running over in our minds here at the dojit offices. […]

What’s Next For Nintendo Mobile?

Nintendo have always seemed as though they were going to ignore the mobile gaming market. While other publishers were taking advantage of the platform, albeit with mixed results, Nintendo just carried on doing what it does best. In the last year though, they’ve exploded onto the scene. What’s going on with their mobile apps currently, […]

What We’ve Learned From Kickstarter Games

Kickstarter has proved to be a good home for ambitious gaming development projects, as well as projects related to video games. Recently, a Dark Souls themed board game was a huge success on the crowdfunding platform, raising $5.4 million, or around £3,753, to get made. It’s clear to see that it’s a place where gaming […]

Mobile Gaming Is Dead, Long Live Mobile Gaming

Recent reports are showing that the mobile gaming bubble appears to have burst. Mobile analytics firm Flurry has found that mobile app growth has clocked in for 2014 at 30% which seems impressive until compared against the 61% growth in 2013. So, is mobile gaming dying a death? Not quite yet, most commenters say. The […]

Stopping the Spread: Can Mobile Apps Stop Ebola?

Last week, the Indonesian Red Cross released an Android app designed to help those affected by natural disasters. The app, called Mass Rapid Assessment, assists in sharing vital information during a natural disaster, whether that be practical tips or keeping in touch with loved ones during a crisis. Sumarsono, head of disaster relief, said that […]