About Us

Hi everybody welcome in dojit website. You are going to discover a wonderful company, that’s us.

dojit was created to ensure everyone gets the most out of the games they play. dojit does this by providing tools and services which increase player experience and satisfaction. These tools can be applied to tablet, mobile, console and online gaming platforms via plugins developed and provided by dojit. 

At the centre of our approach is creating a positive gamer experience based on a systematic player retention strategy. The strategy available for game and application developers provided by dojit is based on a set of tools within our  game improvement solution (GIS). This provides a continuous monitors the players performance and provides updates to help improve the gamers experience. 

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In developing and proving our technology we have created a portoflio of games. So, take a look at our current games Home Bear, Soccer Zillionaire and Totally Milkshake and we have more on the way.

Our titles are made for mobile devices sold through the Apple App Store and Google Market Place and closed market places dedicated to either a device or national mobile operator. Our mission is to continually improve our games so all feedback is much appreciated. Please give us a rating through your respective mobile device and check the website regularly for updates on all our games.

The company was formed in 2012 and is based in Birmingham UK and is currently looking for second stage financing.