David Bozward : CEO
As a mobile games veteran, David has founded Dojit Games to create fun non-violent games for every one to play on their mobile device. Our company mantra is “Games for our world” and this means our business is about making games for every person. So lets have some fun making them.

Mark Smith : Director of Marketing 

After completing my BSc in International Management, I have joined dojit as Director of Marketing. Responsible for Marketing, Events and Advertising dojit’s products. I have operational management of our online marketing and advertising with a particular focus on SEO.

Siobhan Harper : Blogger 

I am a creative writing graduate born and bred right here in Birmingham. I’ve done almost every job imaginable – from youth work to manning the phones in a call centre – but my greatest passion has always been writing. Joining the Dojit team has allowed me to combine this with my love of gaming!

Dan Sodergren : Interim Brand Ambassador

With over 10 years in successful marketing, 7 in B2C marketing, 5 years in digital and social and 3 years in mobile. He now works with dojit in a creative capacity, developing a forward thinking brand, blogging about trends and helping produce with a stable of great social mobile games. His core focus at dojit is writing and speaking on digital, social, mobile marketing and how games and gamifaction can change the world.