Has Augmented Reality become Reality?

When it comes to augmented reality it can be debated whether this is a revolutionary software in today’s society. There are many defining apps that can be assessed in relation to its experience in the real world. The first experience I am going to talk about is an app made by Google called Ingress which I assessed. This app claims to take over your life and whether this was true or not I needed to assess it.

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The app uses real time location software and gives players targets they need to find and what the game determines ‘hack’. The first experience of this app was rather confusing, as a map locating a object appears which you have to follow. The map seemed really confusing to read which proved really disappointing. After wondering around as confused as ever, I eventually came across the statue. I pointed the device at the statue and hacked it. The game acts like at treasure map combining everyday reality with the real world. I feel the Ingress app did not use it’s augmented reality features to a great effect. Their was the real time location software but the app seemed it needed a better relation with the real world.

Secondly, a new software which is not currently available to buy in the UK is the Google Glass. This allows players to see a computer display by just wearing the glasses. It effectively is a great example of augmented reality and combines the real with the virtual. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see this with my own eyes but the idea of seeing a augmented screen with just a pair of glasses seemed really life changing.
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Lastly, small apps that feature the augmented reality software are many. An app I decided to examine was the Doctor Who screwdriver. This allows you to point a virtual screwdriver at any where in the world. It’s only a small app but will allow your children to have a lot of fun. Another great app is Barclaycard app called ‘Toys Unleashed’ which allows you to play three augmented reality games. One game involves throwing virtual bananas at a monkey which appears on your hand. The app uses augmented reality to a great effect combining the real human with virtual characters.
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Another great use of Augmented Reality is with the PS Vita. The PS Vita features cards which allow you to bring the Augmented Reality to the home. One game allows you to bring a football pitch on the table and play football with the device on your own living room table. This is quite amazing and is a great example of what is yet to come. Overall I feel Augmented Reality is a debatable software. There is quite clearly a revolutionary feature in the software as we see with Google Glass. It can also be a fun feature for the kids as we see with games such as the Barclaycard app. Overall I feel we are still waiting to see the best in Augmented Reality. The best is quite clearly yet to come.
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