Mobile Monday Birmingham – Mobile Gaming

We have a great response to the up coming Mobile Monday Birmingham Mobile Gaming event which is being held on the 30th April with over 100 delegates already registered.

The delegate list reads like a who who of mobile games in the midlands –

Mobile Monday Birmingham has only be running since January 2012 and the about of people who have come forward to attend the events has been very encouraging.  Looking forward to being part of a great network of mobile entrepreneurs and developers.

Home Bear – The begining

home bear hen house screen

home bear hen house screen


We have just started development of Home Bear, a IOS(Apple), Android and Blackberry game aimed at young and people who are new to gaming. The development team consists of 6 people who are working on all aspects of the game development, graphics and marketing.

The image above shows the first mock up of a level titled “The Hen House”.

If you are interested in more details or having updates then please register on this page

Launch – Meet the Press

As a start-up one of the great opportunities is finding out what the press want and more importantly knowing how to deal with them. The three key points made were:

  • relationship is most important
  • become a part of the community
  • storytelling in digital pr is a must

The final session was a panel discussion with Matt Martin, Keith Stuart, Alex Wiltshire, Colin MacDonald and  Keith Andrew with Jo Twist chairing.



They all talked about how the development diary is important, knowing the story around the company and also finding the marketing angle is their sweet spot.

Great event held as part of