The Best Role-Playing Games on Tablet

I am going to discuss about the best role playing games available on tablet. The first RPG game I want to talk about is a app that is available on the app store, called Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is a RPG game that has console quality graphics and is visually stunning to any player.

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As you play as the main character Siris, you watch the character grow as you are taken on a adventurous journey. Siris is on an adventure to find what’s known as the ‘Worker of Secrets’. The games use of stunning battles and scenery makes a RPG game to be desired. Trying to master the spells and sword moves will engage you as you play through a story that will keep you engaged for hours.

Secondly, the next RPG game I want to discuss about is Bastion. You may remember Bastion from your PC or Console and forms a great game on tablet. The game involves taking control of ‘The Kid’ whose main aim is to recover a fallen world. It is not just the gameplay that will get you hooked, the underlying story is just as good.

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The use of narration by a character called ‘Rucks’ also works perfectly as an overlay throughout the game. It is quite clear Bastion is everything a RPG game should be.

Another great game available on the App Store is Lone Wolf. This bears a similar resemblance to Infinity Blade as a visually stunning game but is set in a fantasy environment.It is not just the graphics that work well, the ability to customise your skills and weapons work great for a RPG game. As well as this, the fight scenes and story mode are just two of the great elements in the game.

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The last RPG game I want to leave you on is a game named ‘Squids Wild West’. Available on the App Store, the game puts you in charge of a group of squids. The game involves slinging squids around towards enemies, almost like the popular title ‘Angry Birds’. There is more to the game than meets the eye though as the extremely well written story and great mechanics makes a RPG game you must get your hands on.

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Overall there are many RPG games that really excel the use of the tablet and these are just a few. The use of visually engaging, well written and great mechanics all add up to a great RPG experience on any tablet range.

Has Augmented Reality become Reality?

When it comes to augmented reality it can be debated whether this is a revolutionary software in today’s society. There are many defining apps that can be assessed in relation to its experience in the real world. The first experience I am going to talk about is an app made by Google called Ingress which I assessed. This app claims to take over your life and whether this was true or not I needed to assess it.

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The app uses real time location software and gives players targets they need to find and what the game determines ‘hack’. The first experience of this app was rather confusing, as a map locating a object appears which you have to follow. The map seemed really confusing to read which proved really disappointing. After wondering around as confused as ever, I eventually came across the statue. I pointed the device at the statue and hacked it. The game acts like at treasure map combining everyday reality with the real world. I feel the Ingress app did not use it’s augmented reality features to a great effect. Their was the real time location software but the app seemed it needed a better relation with the real world.

Secondly, a new software which is not currently available to buy in the UK is the Google Glass. This allows players to see a computer display by just wearing the glasses. It effectively is a great example of augmented reality and combines the real with the virtual. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see this with my own eyes but the idea of seeing a augmented screen with just a pair of glasses seemed really life changing.
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Lastly, small apps that feature the augmented reality software are many. An app I decided to examine was the Doctor Who screwdriver. This allows you to point a virtual screwdriver at any where in the world. It’s only a small app but will allow your children to have a lot of fun. Another great app is Barclaycard app called ‘Toys Unleashed’ which allows you to play three augmented reality games. One game involves throwing virtual bananas at a monkey which appears on your hand. The app uses augmented reality to a great effect combining the real human with virtual characters.
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Another great use of Augmented Reality is with the PS Vita. The PS Vita features cards which allow you to bring the Augmented Reality to the home. One game allows you to bring a football pitch on the table and play football with the device on your own living room table. This is quite amazing and is a great example of what is yet to come. Overall I feel Augmented Reality is a debatable software. There is quite clearly a revolutionary feature in the software as we see with Google Glass. It can also be a fun feature for the kids as we see with games such as the Barclaycard app. Overall I feel we are still waiting to see the best in Augmented Reality. The best is quite clearly yet to come.
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Game Trends:Our Top 5

There are many game trends in today’s society that are changing the way gaming works. Below, I am going to discuss the top five game trends that I feel will the change the way gaming works.

5 Motion and Voice Controls

The first trend I am going to discuss about is motion controls. I feel this will become a major factor in gaming as we see the rise of the Xbox Kinect and the PS4 motion and voice systems. I feel as time goes on these systems will become more and more integrated into gaming.

4 Mobile Apps

Following on from this, Mobile Apps will play a vital part in the gaming world. As apps such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas emerge on the App Store, more and more big budget games will appear at a low price. It is this integration that is bringing a revolution in how Mobile and Video Games will combine.

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As well as video games, more and more apps will feature in app purchases. It is this feature that will change how games and especially apps work. People will collect objects of all sorts and pay for objects that they really need within apps effectively hoarding objects and creating a collection.

3 Augmented Reality

One of the key areas to consider is Augmented Reality. It is starting to become a popular feature especially within the PS4.The PS Vita also has Augmented Reality Cards which can be used to play games downloaded from the PlayStation Store.The PS4 has it’s own Augmented Reality Games which is a step up in how the PS Vita works such as the Playroom.

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As well as Augmented Reality itself, a software is soon being announced which recognises what’s in the room. If this was combined in video games, this could effectively change how we play in the real world.

2 Game Sharing

My second best trend I feel that will change how gaming works is Game Sharing. I feel as we go through 2014 more and more live streaming of games will start to occur. The PS4 even has a share button that allows layers to instantly stream live content over Twitch.

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I predict that many communities will soon start developing with people streaming live games at a click of a button. This could effectively bring the whereabouts of a new social media platform.

1 Story Based Games

The best trend I feel that will emerge in 2014 is story based games. Games such as The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls changed the way games work effectively turning the game into a movie. As well as this, Grand Theft Auto 5 has an incredibly well written script which really made the game, effectively into a movie. Games such Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture and The Order are already set to come out in 2014 on Video Consoles and I feel more and more games will focus on its story. As well as the story, the change to high quality graphics in the PS4 and Xbox One will really highlight the depth of a story game. It really is about the big budget game that I feel gaming will go.

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