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game push notification strategy

The majority of game developers just about create a marketing plan, so developing a game push notification strategy is just one step too far.

why should you?

There are two reasons: player retention and monetization.

The app stores have hundreds of thousands of games, with thousands coming onto the store every day. So the first biggest step for any developer is to develop and implement a marketing strategy which ensures people download your game. This is normally done with a mixture of social media and in/out of game promotional marketing. The business model for advertising is such that you pay for click throughs. This are a few steps away from players, so from click throughs we have viewing store page, then downloads, opening the application and finally players. Each step means less people.

Once that person has downloaded the game and playing it, then the developers monetization strategy kicks in. This is normally based on some game tunings and designing which we did back in the studio, some months ago. However, developing a strategy for a casual game which works for a 16 year old and a 96 year old is also
impossible, especially as an indie game developer.

New data from analytics firm App Annie shows the growing strength of freemium apps. Freemium app revenue has quadrupled over the last two years, and freemium apps now generate 69% of the world’s iOS app revenue and 75% of global Android app revenues. In contrast, the premium app market has shown little to no revenue growth over the same period. The average revenue per download for paid apps is higher on iPad than on iPhone in the Apple App Store in the U.S.: $4.04 versus $2.25, respectively.

However, its been proven that we need to get our players to around 60% through the game until we can truly monetization the game. This means we need to “nudge” them forward to get the full immersion of the game.

How do we nudge them forward?

dojit has been thinking about this and come up with a number of tools, the first two being, game treats and dojit-notify.

Game Treats are codes which a player enters to get something extra in the game. They can be communicated through the game or via push notifications, social media or via the web site. In fact any way the developer feels it best with their target demographic.

dojit-notify allows developers to create a series of recipes which when triggered sends players context aware notifications through the push notification services. Context aware notifications get higher rates of awareness and application usage, which increase player retention which drives revenue within the game .

The push notifications should be part of generating a community which your player can feel part of without constant series of notifications. Therefore it is important to plan who gets what and when and how this fits into the entire communication strategy for both the business and also the game.

In summary push notifications increase player retention which drives revenue. Using out of game notifications to bring players back to game after periods of time is important in maintaining and building your player base. In game notifications also engage players with context aware messages to nudge them forward. By using automatical scheduled context aware notifications, with developer defined rules you can launch your game knowing your work is done.

When is best to create a game push notification strategy?

When you are designing the game, though needs to be put into the monetization points. These points are clear goals within the game and therefore measuring how many payers are before, on or after these points is an important first step. From here you can create strategies around these points which nudge players forward or notifications to bring players back into the game.

dojit-notify has been created to be used during the development, launch and post launch cycles of game development. The service is free up until launch. Take a look at .

Developer Survey

At dojit we are always looking to see how we work and cooperate with other developers, so please take three minutes to complete this to help us move forward.


Kingston University

inKUbator Games Studio

On Wednesday 13th February,  dojit’s CEO was talking to students at inKUbator Games Studio within Kingston University. The university has numerous courses, Games Development MA/MSC and Games technology BSC students. I met the students in the inKUbator Games Studio which seats around 60 students and was impressed by the number who were creating real games. These were working in teams to create games, mostly using Unity. It was a great space with six large projector screens in the laboratory allow students to view my lecture material and demo of Soccer Zillionaire. Always great to see a good space for creative games developers at universities.

After an hours talking with students, my train calling me home, I walked away thinking:

  • What creative ideas they had
  • Passionate Gaming Students
  • Amazing enthusiasm

We are always looking for creative graduates and interns to join us, so please email us on jobs @

Mobile Monday Birmingham

Mobile Monday Birmingham Business Apps


Last monday, dojit’s CEO hosted Mobile Monday Birmingham at Birmingham Science Park. The theme was Business Applications and attracted five amazing speakers.

  • James Pursey – Co-Founder – Sales & Marketing Director – Sorted
  • Ian Weatherhogg – Chief Technical Officer –  Refractiv
  • Felix Clark – Co-Counder – theappsworks
  • Andrew Steele – Product Manager, Journey Planning – Jeppesen, A Boeing Company
  • David Gill – Evolve-u

This time we had NACUE stream the session and provide it to students via its VHUB.


Home Bear Game - our loveable bear

Home Bear Game Wallpapers

At dojit games we love to share. So ready for the new Home Bear Game we are providing new wallpaper designs every day before Christmas 2012.

So take a look at our new bear-tastic free download game based wallpapers which can be found at .  These are ideal for having as the background phones such as the Apple Iphone, HTC or Samsung Galaxy as we have made them in many beautiful designs and screen sizes. Remember, a new design every day and they even work on tablets and pads.

Home Bear Game is a phone or tablet game based around a loveable character called Home Bear.  He wakes up in the woods and its up to you to get him home. The game has over 200 puzzle based levels that show Home Bear in various settings, from the Forest, Duck Pond, corn field, Vegetable Patch, Farm House and Hen House.  Every level is a colorful joy to complete.

If your interested in finding out more then like Home Bear on facebook,  and we’ll keep you updated. Otherwise check out for free downloads and links to the app stores.


David Bozward, CEO of dojit games.

What can Home Bear teach you?


At dojit games we want to make games for kids who love to develop new skills, so in our first game, Home Bear we have made some great opportunities for children.


Solving Puzzles

By using a selection of cute and vibrant items on Home Bear’s journey, items such as the balloon that allows our furry hero to fly high into the sky or the marshmallow that plugs nasty holes in the ground.  The combination of tools and obstacles gives the player loads of opportunity to solve over 200 puzzle-based levels.



Bear-tacular fun awaits in this new puzzle adventure from Dojit Games, levels of various difficulty cater to all players and playing types with fun and helpful tutorials to help more younger and less experienced players enjoy the game. So the 200++ levels ensure you have to focus on getting the Bear Home.


Hand Eye Coordination

To complete the Bear-uzzly levels you need to ensure you combine the tools, obstacles to coordinate Home Bear to his destination. As the levels get more complex the coordinate also increases to ensure you are multi-tasking our Bear Home.


Home Bear game is available for download on Android and Apple devices, take a look at for further details.

Home Bear – A Kid Friendly Game


At dojit we know everyone likes Bears, especially cuddly teddy bears. So we had to build a bear, Home Bear, so that everyone can love bears too.

So how have we done this?

Game Play – The game starts with easy to complete tutorial levels which are based on a Dream World. Here you can learn how to use the kids friendly tools :  Ladder, Pillow, Party Balloon, Space Hooper, Marsh Mellow and Platform Bridge. These levels then get more complex, developing into puzzles which require careful thought to complete using a preselected amount of tools.

Languages – For a truly international audience we have developed the game to work in Chinese (中国游戏), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This allows children throughout the world to be able to play and enjoy Home Bear.

Phone, Tablet, Pad Support – At launch we aim to support Google Android and Apple devices which is the majority of smartphones in the world. During the first quarter of 2013 we will add support for Chinese, Windows phone. Take a look at

Free to Play and Paid Versions – By offering free play versions, kids can develop their knowledge and skills, allowing dojit to market the game to the casual games market. A paid version is offered which requires no further payments and ensures that children cannot add items to the users bill. Take a look at

Support – Through our online support site we can provide help, treats and tips on how to play the game.


Through this strategy we can help children throughout the world play and enjoy our game throughout 2013. As Home Bear Game is the first game to be launched by dojit games, developing games which are none violent and aimed at casual players who want to enjoy games.

Beta Testing with a Home Bear

Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, the shops are full of bright and shiny gifts to buy our family, friends and children. Yet Home Bear Game is slowly moving towards a launch on Android and Apple devices before Christmas.

Home Bear Game has been developed for kids, especially those who want a game which provides a fun and safe learning environment. The aim of the game is to help a cuddly bear, called Home Bear to get home, through a series of puzzle type screens.

At dojit, we love bears, especially Teddy Bears and therefore Home Bear never gets hurt or harmed in any way. You just restart the level if he gets stuck, as Bear sometime do.

For more information about Home Bear, check our website at and our Facebook page at so we can keep you updated.

Soccer Zillionaire Update!

The release of Soccer Zillionaire is zooming closer and closer.

There are now only a few touch ups before the game comes shooting to a device near you. Exciting times!

And for all you lucky devils out there, here is a quick beta shot of the game…*drum roll*



As previously mentioned the game will be pass and play with the option of up to 4 people to be included. This game will be great football game to play with your friends with a bowl of popcorn and a couple of beers!

Keep checking back on our twitter and this blog for the official release of Soccer Zillionaire !

Startup Builder

At this time of year many young people are coming together at School, College and University for the start of the new academic year. So we at dojit thought what can we give these people on their first days back. Our answer is startup builder, a 20 question fun quiz which provides you with a profile which should help you understand you core strength was starting out in a new team. Take a look at the

as its fun, helps develop you knowledge of who should be in a team, especially one just starting out.