Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: North City

Today is the final instalment of our behind the soccer zillionaire teams feature. Last but certainly not least is North City, with a bad reputation, are they just too hard to manage or is it all just act?

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North City

North City is a club that brings fear to anyone that hears their name, known as the bad boys of Soccer, they are a force to be reckoned with. Every hotel room they stay in gets trashed with chairs being thrown through the window, bathrooms being over flooded and food being thrown everyone. Their on pitch antics are even more infamous as they have caused many fights usually amongst themselves, usually squabbling over how has the ball, who is the most tough and who has the most fabulous hair.


Known for having a cool street wise image, they were the coolest of cool and their popularity was off the charts until they decided that soccer wasn’t enough for them. Someone had the bright idea that releasing a rap song would cement them as the hardest soccer team on the planet. After arguing who rapped which line, the song Nice, Nice Baby was released. The song was so bad that it didn’t reach any chart at all and they became a laughing stock. Can you restore the street cred of the North City, whip them into shape and be a Soccer Zillionaire?

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