Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Blizzards

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about The Blizzards.



The Blizzards

Squeaky clean and generally nice people, The Blizzards can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans. In-between matches the team players can be generally seen doing charity work for many organisations such as skydiving for people with monobrows and bake sales to save the unicorns. They even donate their pay checks to worthy campaigns like having the right to wear pyjamas in supermarkets and the ‘No Vegetables More Chocolate’ bill which are very important! With all this charity work it leads them for no time for training or even having any rest for matches.




The Blizzards have been constantly at the bottom of the leader board for the past ten years. While they are all very nice people, nice isn’t enough in soccer. You need the will, drive and determination to win the game which The Blizzards simply don’t possess. They are the laughing stock of the soccer league with their rivals not even trying to win when they play against them. The Invaders even as a laugh had only seven people play against The Blizzard’s eleven and they still won. Can you give The Blizzard’s the kick up the bum they need and lead them to victory and become a Soccer Zillionaire?

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