Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Bull Stars

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about The Bull Stars.


Bull Stars

Spoilt and pampered at every opportunity are the Bull Stars, known to all as the posh boys of Soccer. Infamous for their luxury lifestyle, giant mansions filled with servants and super expensive cars. Dating back from the 1880s the Bull Stars is exclusive to family members of the aristocracy where every male family member must play for the team. Trained from the aged 4, the game of Soccer is instilled to their brains to make sure they are the best. While their methods can be seen as unorthodox they have won many trophies and are always in the top three of the soccer league. Their wealth also gives them football kits created by the latest fashion designers and their boots are made with gold and precious gems



Now the team’s reputation lies in tatters as a scandal in the newspapers brought them to shame. The previous manager of the team bribed one of the referees before an important match against their rivals North City. So desperate to protect their status the manager wanted to make sure that the match was in their favour with the referee giving yellow and red cards to North City at any opportunity. However the story was leaked to the press which led to the team being disqualified from the league for a year, the manager being fired and some of the team members going into hiding. Can you lead the team back to the top and become a Soccer Zillionaire?


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