Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Invaders

Throughout the week we are looking at the story behind the teams of dojit’s upcoming Soccer Zillionaire, the soccer/boardgame hybrid. Today we are going to focus on ‘The Invaders who have a star on their team but are the other players happy about this?


The Invaders



‘Another goal scored by the amazing Tristan Wrenaldo, another man of the match trophy for the star of the show will be added to his large collection’ These comments are a regular occurrence for Tristan Wrenaldo who is the The Invaders main striker and now the biggest celebrity to come out of the soccer world. Always being followed by the paparazzi and seen on all the red carpets, every one on the planet knows his name. The Invaders finished at the top of the league last year and won the Cup Final thanks to him. Nothing could stop their achievements so it would seem.

With star players come with VIP treatment, throughout the years Tristan demanded that he have a hair and make up team constantly touch him up during matches, that he eats only the finest of caviars during training and that all the other players address him as Master. Over time the rest of the team grew more and more bitter towards him becoming his background extras. The team finally had enough when Tristan wanted a picture of his face on the new soccer kit on top of a zillion dollar raise. The team finally had enough and kicked him off the team, when the manager found out, he quit as well. Can you continue the Invaders number one success without their star player and become a Soccer Zillionaire?


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