The Best Role-Playing Games on Tablet

I am going to discuss about the best role playing games available on tablet. The first RPG game I want to talk about is a app that is available on the app store, called Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is a RPG game that has console quality graphics and is visually stunning to any player.

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As you play as the main character Siris, you watch the character grow as you are taken on a adventurous journey. Siris is on an adventure to find what’s known as the ‘Worker of Secrets’. The games use of stunning battles and scenery makes a RPG game to be desired. Trying to master the spells and sword moves will engage you as you play through a story that will keep you engaged for hours.

Secondly, the next RPG game I want to discuss about is Bastion. You may remember Bastion from your PC or Console and forms a great game on tablet. The game involves taking control of ‘The Kid’ whose main aim is to recover a fallen world. It is not just the gameplay that will get you hooked, the underlying story is just as good.

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The use of narration by a character called ‘Rucks’ also works perfectly as an overlay throughout the game. It is quite clear Bastion is everything a RPG game should be.

Another great game available on the App Store is Lone Wolf. This bears a similar resemblance to Infinity Blade as a visually stunning game but is set in a fantasy environment.It is not just the graphics that work well, the ability to customise your skills and weapons work great for a RPG game. As well as this, the fight scenes and story mode are just two of the great elements in the game.

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The last RPG game I want to leave you on is a game named ‘Squids Wild West’. Available on the App Store, the game puts you in charge of a group of squids. The game involves slinging squids around towards enemies, almost like the popular title ‘Angry Birds’. There is more to the game than meets the eye though as the extremely well written story and great mechanics makes a RPG game you must get your hands on.

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Overall there are many RPG games that really excel the use of the tablet and these are just a few. The use of visually engaging, well written and great mechanics all add up to a great RPG experience on any tablet range.

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