Can Clinton Clinch The Nomination With An App?

Anyone who’s even glanced at the internet or their TV for what feels like the last ten years will know all about the US general elections. The top candidates for their next president are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and no matter who wins it feels like history will certainly be made.

No matter where you live, your potential leaders will be consumed with bringing in more and more voters. In today’s environment, how do you catch and then consistently hold the voter’s attention? The team behind Hillary Clinton appear to be answering that question with an app, Hillary 2016.

This article compares Clinton’s app to the hugely popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and it’s not hard to see why. The app takes the form of a game, where the player competes against other Clinton supporters in who can work the hardest for her. When you start playing, you have a bare little office to work from. You gain ‘stars’, which earn you in game knick knacks, discounts off ‘2016 swag’, and even the chance to win a signed item from Clinton herself.

The app certainly appears to hit the entertainment nerves of mobile app game fans. By offering incremental rewards, the player is drawn into the game and engaged by it. Then, almost by osmosis, they take in more and more of Clinton’s philosophy, and then theoretically consider voting for her.

She doesn’t only teach players her own philosophy, but actively attacks Trump’s campaign in the app. The app description itself in the app store reads ‘The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us.’ Strong stuff. They’re not above using humour too, as one of the most popular aspects of the game is the ‘Trump or false?’ quiz, which has users guess if Trump really did come out with a number of bizarre statements.

This is probably one of the most successful presidential apps that have ever been made. It’s not the highest bar, as the first ones were made in the last elections and were mostly info driven apps. However, it’s set a new standard in campaigning, one that was a bold choice to make. A well made, fun and engaging app holds the attention of people arguably much more than most traditional media. As this is the case, it seems that Clinton was right in using an app to get her message across. Now, the proof of its success will lie in whether she gets elected come November.

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