Can Super Mario Run Be A Success?

Nintendo’s long awaited mobile Mario game, Super Mario Run, came out on Monday and it has certainly split opinion down the middle.

When it was first announced, it was declared to be an endless runner style game, in the same vein as Temple Run. As players first downloaded it this week, they discovered that this wasn’t quite the case. The game still uses an endless runner style, but there are actually distinct levels in the game. Fans of Mario have said that this is much better as a game, as it offers more variety and the chance to go back and improve your score on them once they’re completed.

That’s not all Super Mario Run has offered, either. There’s also the option to try out Toad Rally, a way of competing against your friends. You race against a ‘ghost’ of your friend’s avatar, attempting to get through the level faster and more stylishly than they did. The person who wins gets a bonus. As well as this, there’s the buildable Mushroom Kingdom.As you play, you’ll acquire toads that will help you attract other playable characters and unlock other mini games.

All in all, it looks like Super Mario Run was a well crafted app game. As you can imagine though, there’s been a few complaints about it already.

The biggest complaint heard so far is about the games’ need for internet connectivity. Nintendo, when asked about it, said the game always needs a connection in order for security, but that has been a frustratingly vague answer for many gamers.

As well as this, there’s the issue that whole game isn’t available for free. In what appears to be away to avoid the ‘freemium’ model, Nintendo has made several early levels available to play. To get the whole thing though, you’re going to have to pay £7.99 for the game.

As far as apps go, it feels rather steep. Many analysts have said that Nintendo are going to see a lot of players disappear when they can’t get any more free levels, but we wonder whether that’s going to be as much of a problem for them. It’s sensible to predict that many more players will happily pay for the game and get their money’s worth from it.

So, will Super Mario Run be hurt by the perceivably high charge for entry? In all honesty, probably not. Mario fans are still going to pay, and there’s nothing to stop Nintendo from adding in more content every now and then. The only real problem is the always on internet issue. If Nintendo aren’t able to address it to everyone’s satisfaction, they’re going to struggle there.

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