Chicken Strike Game: Out Now!

Dojit’s new game, Chicken Strike Game, is now available on iOS and Android!

Mr Farmer’s farm is in danger, and it’s up to you to save it! The chickens have gone on strike, and just to add insult to injury, are now throwing all their precious eggs out of the barn window! Using the tilt controls on your phone or tablet, direct Mr Farmer left and right to grab the eggs in his basket and save the farm.

Special power up assist Mr Farmer in his quest. There are fire eggs that explode all eggs on the screen, purple eggs that slow down time, stone eggs that turn all eggs to stone, and silver eggs that double the points you earn! You also gain seed bags as you save every 100 eggs, allowing to buy special bonuses for use in game.

Game treats for the game will also be available on our blog and Twitter page, so keep an eye out for them!

Chicken Strike is the game created by students from the University of Hertfordshire in Dojit’s first Game Jam.

We ran a workshop with NACUE Create and students at the University of Hertfordshire, their aim was to come up with a new game idea, these students after two hours then pitched it to a panel.

We selected a team with three students, Richard Davy Pooransingh, Touchen Alphonse and Daniel Sibanda who proposed a game called Chicken Strike. They have completely developed the graphics with the game and dojit has done the game software development. The game can be downloaded from Apple iTunes and Google Play stores for free with in game purchases.

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