Corrupted Saves, Flying Horses, and Floating Eyeballs: Release Day Glitches

Ubisoft haven’t been having a great time in the press as of late. Assassin’s Creed Unity, their latest release, hasn’t exactly been pulling in the positive noise they’d hoped for. If they aren’t being criticised for their depiction of the French Revolution, they’re being hauled over the coals for some rather astounding bugs still in the game.

Crowds appear from nowhere, character’s faces are missing except for a floating mouth and a pair of eyeballs, and the player can even sink under the level and ‘swim’ under the map. Embarrassingly, there’s even a misspelling in the credits under ‘Quality Control’. Patches are now being implemented by Ubisoft to fix these errors, but for many gamers it seems too little, too late.

Ubisoft can probably take comfort in the fact they’re not the only ones to release a game with huge bugs and glitches still in tact. In fact, they’re not even the only ones this month, as our list of the biggest day one glitches will show:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Also released this month, the definitive collection of the mega successful Halo games has been suffering issues with matchmaking players, something of a problem for a franchise that has built it’s reputation on it’s multiplayer capabilities. Dan Ayoub, executive producer, updated players on the 15th November about the forthcoming patch to resolve these issues, and said he had a team working ‘24/7’ to fix them.

Far Cry 4

Another new release (and another by Ubisoft), Far Cry 4 is plagued by similar issues to Halo. Players are having a hard time connecting to servers, or being booted out once they do connect. What’s worrying about this is that Ubisoft don’t seem to know what’s wrong with the game. Even more worryingly, the map editor doesn’t support competitive multiplayer, so it’s been promised it will be sorted ‘post release’. Oh dear.

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Released in 2011, many were shocked that Skyrim even made it out the door, considering how buggy it was. There’s almost too many release day bugs to list, although some have tried. NPCs would teleport, the player would get stuck in various objects (and even the sky), and horses would ‘fly’, or swim underwater. The worst was yet to come though, with a game breaking glitch that would drop the framerate to nearly zero. Patches have been released to varying results, but the game’s glitchy roots remain.

Fallout: New Vegas

Another game where it’s nearly impossible to list all the bugs found, New Vegas was released in 2010 with a vast variety of bugs and glitches. Many were capable of breaking the game, and no system was safe. On PS3, the screen would go permanently blurry, on PC the game would freeze, and on Xbox 360 auto save had to be turned off, lest it corrupt your save. Now, fans of the game view the bugs as somewhat of a joke, but it’s only funny until you lose your save…

Battlefield 4

Last year’s EA release received a similar reception to Assassin’s creed Unity, thanks to multiple bugs over multiple systems. One reviewer had their save corrupted twice and endured almost game breaking crashes while trying to review the title. Different bugs, such as flickering graphics and even the red screen of death, would affect the player depending on what graphics card they were using. Multiplayer was, and still is according to some players, also horribly broken. Not really encouraging for a multiplayer based game!

So what have we learned? These titles were all released in the last four years, and although bugs aren’t anything new, these issues all sound like things that should have been ironed out during testing. Finding out why this happens though is probably a whole other issue. For now, it’s probably best to keep multiple saves. Just in case.

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