Develop in Brighton Round Up.

Develop wrapped up on the 12th and you would say it was a success. With many key people from the industry attending and gathering here in the UK, giving information packed keynotes. We picked out a few stand out keynotes that were uploaded onto the develop Youtube page which we will imbed in this post.

Mark Cerny of Cerny Games and Sony. He talked early days of development of the Sony PlayStation, how they bought in small teams like Naughty Dog who only had small teams working on games, an artist and an developer in some cases. Giving these small teams and chance and now developing smash hit games like Uncharted and Last of Us.


Robert Morgan of Sony London talks about improving video game story, keeping the player emotionally attached. This personally was an issue with Last of US. The cutscenes and periods of gameplay that were not heavily focused on shooting were varying gripping. But as soon as the game started throwing hordes of enemies at you, it took you out the emotion and it really felt like a game.


Dragon Cancer was shown at develop conference. It was developed by Ryan Green and Josh Larson in America. It is a bout Ryan Green’s son Joel’s battle with cancer. It recreates and retells a moment in the battle in point and click type adventure.






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