Dojit-Notify October Update

In this October update we have added a number of features, including updating both the Unity and PhoneGap plugins, so don’t forget to update your plugins.

Developer Defined Variables : We have been asked by many App and game developers to increase the number of developer defined app variables. So we have. This mean you can have a mix of triggers from both the level/sub-level and variables accessed by the player. These variable may be items collected within the game or clicks used within an app. Basically anything that the user does, you can track and may a push notification for. The management of the app variables has now been given its own section of the developer user interface.

Upversion Push Notifications : The plugin now reports on the game version which installed on the phone. In IOS 7, the phone automatically up versions the applications which reduces the players visibility of what is new in the app. So we can now send a push notification describing the new features for that version.

Click Through Statistics : The push notification click through support has been added to measure the click through rate of your push notifications. This will be reported to you in the analytics menu within the developer panel.

Certificates Management : The method of uploading and changing the demonstration and production certificates has been streamlined. This is now under the games menu. This allows you to add, modify and delete certificates for both Apple and Android.

We have also updated the pricing to make it based on the number of active accounts, so you pay for who you monetize.

This gives you a powerful set of options for creating push notifications. So check out

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