Dojit will treat you to a little gift…

Special game treats will strive to keep Dojit games popular. These treats will keep people coming back for more by opening up levels that may not otherwise be easily accessed. And who doesn’t love a good present?

These treats will be available for people who find themselves getting a little frustrated with a particular part of game. Feeling a tiny bit of tension running up your spine? A game treat will sort that tickle right away! Besides, you can always come back to the level you got stuck on, at a later date, to conquer it fair and square when you have more time to spare.

Picture this: you’re sat on public transport, you’re eager to get to the next level but (oh no!) you’re getting off at the next stop. Ta-dah! Game treats come out to play and allow you instant access to what you truly desire – hassle free, next level satisfaction.

But wait, there’s more. These game treats will be entirely free.

What could be better than that?

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