What We Don’t Miss About Old School Video Games

Plenty of gamers bemoan the loss of the ‘good old days’, where games were an actual challenge and creativity abounded. There’s a lot to be said for the early days of gaming and the legacy they created. However, there’s plenty more that we really don’t miss. Here’s all the elements of old school gaming that you should be glad to see the back of.

Save points

Now, there’s a lot to be said in favour of save points, and Kotaku recently argued in favour of them. However, they were, in all fairness, a pain. You would have to find the save point, making sure you didn’t die on the way. If you did, it was guaranteed that you had a long slog ahead of you to get back where you where through no fault of your own. Resident Evil 7 seems to be trying to bring the save point back. No thanks.

Blowing into Nintendo cartridges

Everyone knows that if your NES game won’t load correctly, then you should do is blow into it to blow the dust out that’s blocking the pins. Despite the evidence that it actually makes the problem worse, we all still do it. It’s not great.

Ringing a hint hotline

Nowadays we have the internet, so if we’re ever stuck then all we have to do is quickly Google what the problem is. Someone, somewhere, will have an answer for you. However, back in the 80’s and early 90’s we didn’t have access to the internet at home. Instead, we would have to ring an expensive hint helpline just to get past that last dungeon or boss.

Huge manuals

Back in the day there weren’t in game tutorials that would guide you through the mechanics of the game. Instead, you’d get huge manuals, often in multiple languages, which you would have to study. Don’t know how to do something? You’d better hope it’s in the manual!

Controller tangles

Arguably the best advance in gaming was when controllers became wireless as default. Before then, if you had multiple controllers you’d often be untangling them as they got snarled together. Nothing was worse than wanting to play a game, but having to spend ten minutes trying to free a controller first.

The long waits for a new console

Nowadays, consoles get released days apart in Japan, the US and the UK. Back in the day though, you’d be waiting a year at least for a new console. Then you’d be waiting years for the best game on that console to hit our shores. Brr. Let’s not do that again, thanks.

Loading screens that lasted forever

You’d be sitting in the living room for hours watching that loading screen inch it’s way closer to completion. If you wanted to play a game, you’d boot it up and commit to it. We don’t know how good we have it these days, with games that load up almost instantly.

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