Everybody’s Talking About Pokemon Go, So We Are Too

In the last week, all the tech world can talk about is the release of Pokemon Go. The app game has become a phenomenon, leading Pokemon fans to walk for miles in search of Pokemon to catch. The game has become so popular, it’s even caught the attention of mainstream news.


Andy Morgan

Pokemon Go works using augmented reality, showing Pokemon in ‘the wild’ in the real world. The player takes on the mantle of a Pokemon trainer, catching them and training them up, ready for battle. This simple mechanic has caught the imagination of adults and children alike. Adults and older fans, who remember playing the game on the Gameboy, no doubt love the fact that Go allows them to immerse themselves further into the world of Pokemon then we have ever been able to before.

The app has provided some surprising benefits too. Players have reported making fast friends with other players, having met them while on the hunt for the same Pokemon. Others have reported the app having surprising mental health benefits, leading people suffering with depression and other mental illnesses to leave their homes and engage with other people, when normally it would be too difficult.


Ella Clarke

However, there have been some problems that almost no one could have anticipated. There have been reports of people being lured into gunpoint robberies using the app, and one teenage girl in the US even came across a dead body while out looking for Pokemon. Police stations have had to ask people not to wander into their station looking for Pokemon, and several US police departments have had to issue warnings, including asking users not to wander into roads while playing, or against playing the app while driving.


Andy Morgan

This brings to mind the case against Snapchat, when a teenager, using the speed filter while driving, hit and disabled another motorist. There’s already been some scary images of people wandering onto busy roads, not even looking at traffic, as they rush to catch a Pokemon. If someone is injured while using the app, will Nintendo face legal problems?

In the countries the app has been released in, it’s become a runaway success. However, the app hasn’t made it’s way to the UK yet. Gamers have found workarounds, even going as far as setting up US Apple accounts in order to play. Hopefully, by the time this blog goes live, it’ll be available in UK app stores.


Ella Clarke

Do you have any funny stories about Pokemon Go, or found a Pokemon in an odd location? Let us know!

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