Everything You Need To Know About The 2016 Apple Developer Conference

Another Apple Developer Conference has come and gone, and with it has come another slew of announcements that are sure to have Apple fans excited about upcoming changes within the company. There were no major hardware announcements, with most of the conference focusing on how their software can and will be improved.

Siri is coming to desktops and laptops

iPhone users have found their mobile experience to be changed forever with the inclusion of Siri. Once users got asking it ridiculous questions out of their system, they found that it was actually a useful and quite practical tool to have at their disposal. As part of their OS overhaul, Siri will now be available on desktop and laptops, meaning you can ask her to order you a pizza no matter what you’re doing.

iMessage effects and animations

One of their more aesthetic changes, iMessage users will now be able to customise their messages with animations and effects. Have you ever wanted to send messages that look handwritten, have bubble effects, or have bigger emojis? Then you’re in luck!

Photo upgrades

Borrowing from other online photo leaders such as Google and Instagram, photos will now have several cool new features. Apple maps will be able to tag your photos with where they were taken, and new facial recognition technology will recognise and tag your friends for you.

Apple maps improvements

Maps is receiving an overhaul that hopes to make it more useful to drivers. While using it for GPS directions, dynamic maps will zoom in on turns and zoom back out on long straight roads. You’ll also be able to get recommendations if you’re looking to stop for restaurants or petrol stations en route, and updated journey times if you choose to take those detours.


One of the biggest announcements was the overhaul of OS X. For the first time in 15 years, it’ll be receiving an upgrade and a name change, to MacOS Sierra. Most Apple systems will be upgraded, and the Siri integration mentioned above will be implemented. One of the more interesting new features is the Auto Unlock, which will allow Apple Watch users to unlock their computers using their device.

Siri open to outside developers

Possibly the most exciting announcement, Siri will now be open to outside developers to work with. This means that a whole new range of uses will be available for the personal assistant. Soon, you’ll be able to order an Uber taxi, chat with friends on Whatsapp or even pay your bills using custom voice commands.

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