Game Treats

So you’ve been stuck on that same level for ages now, you just can’t seem to be able to jump high enough to reach the elusive key that will get you onto the next level or you don’t have enough springs left to get up the side of the mountain so you’re stuck at the bottom unable to progress further!

Every time you enter the game you’re once again faced with what you think is the impossible level. You loved this game, you sat at home on your sofa for hours running, jumping, bounding rapidly through each level until now. May as well just give up and move on to an easier game, I guess. But wait! Dojit is pioneering a new system of Game Treats, small codes and tips that will give you the helping hand that you need to be able to carry on with your favourite game.


How do I get hold of these game treats?

You can access treats via social media websites such as the developer’s website, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you stay tuned to where they are available by following and liking each game’s accounts to ensure that you don’t miss out!


Where do I enter them?

You can enter the code within the game in the pause menu, this will let you have that extra key or spring and you’ll soon be bounding once again!



If your friends are stuck, let them know about these treats and help them through the levels too. You can tell them about these treats by re-tweeting or sharing on Facebook, this then allows you and your friends to work together and power through the game.


To find out more, please register on our developer site, here.

Go on, treat yourself!

game treats

game treats help player move forward