MeYou is a multiplayer, tile trading game allowing players build up a set and gain points. It is multicultural and can be played by all.


Tile based games have been around for thousands of years in many cultures and societies throughout the world, they are enduringly popular and increasingly becoming a genre for games played on mobile phones and other devices.

MeYou is a tile trading game in which players have to collect sets of tiles to collect points. The player starts with just seven random tiles. From this first set of tiles, a number of tiles can be selected to be swapped or traded with other online players. These tiles are taken to a “communal area” where they can be seen by other players.

Every time a player trades a tile with another player they receive a point. Completed tile sets can also be traded in for points. Points are then used to buy more tiles to complete more sets. The more tiles you have the more sets you can be collecting. A set consists of 3, 6, 12, or 24 tiles. Each tile is worth the same amount of points. Players may have between 7 and 64 tiles in play at any one time.

The tiles themselves will have mass appeal. They are decorated with easily recognizable pictures and symbols derived from major cultures including Chinese, Japanese, African, Indian and European. We also have images of flags, buildings, animals, people, lucky numbers and symbols, emotions, signs of the zodiac and planets.

The game play is instantly accessible to what appears to be a simple game and allows for skills, recognition and speed to be developed as the player becomes more adept. The more a player develops their game techniques and strategies, the more they will want to continue playing.

Players may purchase further games, harder levels, scenarios and different, special tiles. These special tiles as an example may include 888, clover and a horse shoe.


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