Poochies Trail

Poochie is lost and only you can help him!


Poochie’s Trail will be a mobile app that takes the younger generation on a journey to take a lost dog back to his home. As other games such as Temple Run and Hill Climb Racing have shown, the most entertaining games need not rely on complex mechanics in order to give the player an entertaining experience.



The aim of the game is to escort the lovable Poochie through the many levels and get him back to the warmth and safety of his kennel. To do this the player must defeat the enemies that block his path with his fearsome bark and navigate their way around the many platforms of each level.



The emphasis for this game is that it can keep very young children entertained for hours in an attempt to get their furry friend home. The pick up and play style of gameplay allows the game to be played anywhere whether it is at home, or while the children are sitting in the back of the car during rush hour.

Poochies Trail

Poochies Trail

The game is simple to play, Poochie will attempt to navigate his way around the level on his own, making jumps and interacting with anything he needs to on his own, the player comes in when Poochie needs to bark at the enemies in his way, giving the player a simple task of removing the obstacles in the way of their furry friend.


Reasons why you should play this game


  • Easily Playable

Gameplay is simple and can be followed by even the youngest players


  • Entertaining

Keeps young players entertained for hours


  • Pick up and Play

Players may pick up and play the game whenever and wherever they are


  • Colourful

Bright and cheery colours brings happiness to all kids.


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Help your furry friend through 3 worlds using his super powered bark by tapping the screen in order to defeat his enemies and help him find the way home. Making his way past the mean blobs trying to block his path and using items such as jump pads and bubbles to explore a level; all in order find his way to his nice, warm kennel, collecting some well earned bones along the way.

Poochies Trail

Poochies Trail

With a child friendly theme and a simple control system with an adorable dog to explore numerous and colourful levels, this game offers hours of entertainment for children of all ages and can be played wherever and whenever you want!

Feature List

  • 100% child friendly
  • Keeps kids entertained for hours
  • Adorable dog in need on rescuing
  • Simple controls for younger gamers
  • Pick up and play gaming
  • Bright and colourful levels
  • Worlds that encourage children to use their imagination
  • Make your way through 75 levels