Soccer Zillionaire


Dojit’s latest title redefines the Soccer experience as you roll the dice and play against your friends in a plot to become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. A mix of cunning game play, goal-scoring heroics, nail-biting shoot outs and more await in the new sport/board game hybrid. Pick a team and move around the board to build your dream team, and when the transfer season is over, challenge your opponents to get to the top of the league! Coming out in the next few weeks, check out the rules below so you can pick up and play the game straight away.

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The aim of soccer zillionaire is to be the richest player at the end of the game. You get rich by gaining money based on your performance in each round of the game.

The Teams

4 teams make up the league: The Bull Stars, The Invaders, North City and The Blizzards. Click on the team logo below to learn more about each team.

The Bull Stars     Invaders - Soccer Zillionaire     badge13     badge42


Players take it in turn to roll the dice and move around the board. A round ends when all players have achieved the round’s objectives. However when a player has achieved the round objective they no longer take part in the round.

Round order

  • Transfer in
  • League
  • Transfer out
  • Transfer in
  • League

Transfer in Round

The aim of a transfer round is to build a squad of seven players by buying footballers that you land on. Each player starts with 250 zillion. The round is complete when all players have a full squad of seven footballers.

Action Spaces

Free Transfer – allows a you to buy a footballer for free.

Transfer embargo – you are not allowed to buy a footballer on your next go.

Forced Transfer – you are allowed to buy any of your opponents players.

Footballer – you will be given the chance to buy the footballer. Once you buy a footballer your team badge replaces the footballer’s image and other players can not buy that player.

+z – 10 zillion is added to your budget.

-z – 10 ziillion is taken away from your budget.

Transfer out Round

The aim of the round is to remove any footballers you wish from your team. once every player has made their decision the round is complete.

League Round

The aim of the round to is to get your team to the top of the league by winning matches. All matches are played simultaneously. Players complete the round by going around the board three times.

Action Spaces

Footballer -Landing on a footballer that you own will increase your teams attack and defence stats. Landing on a footballer you do not own will decrease your teams attack and defence. Goal Chance – you are given the chance to score a goal in a match of your choice. The difficulty of the chance depend on the your team’s attack and defence stats at that moment compared to your opponent team.

Goal – you are awarded a goal and selects which match they want to score in.

Red Card – you miss your next go;

Yellow – you collect a yellow card, when you collect your second yellow card you miss your next go.


Dice – to roll the dice you tap it when the dice is bouncing.

Goal Chance – select any available area of the goal you wish to shoot or save, then press the tick button to confirm your selection.

For other options on the screen, just touch it with your finger.