Google’s Pixel Takes On The Mighty iPhone

Google has recently announced it’s new line of phones, and for the first time they’re ditching the Nexus branding and going it alone. The result is the Pixel, Google’s first ever phone that’s been designed and made entirely in house.

In their super slick announcement video, Google goes through all the cool new features that the Pixel and Pixel XL will have. These features won’t show up on any other Android phone, at least straight away. It also takes a couple of pointed jabs at Apple, for example by pointing out that the Pixel has the standard headphone jack that all Androids currently have.

Unlimited photo and video storage

If you’re the kind of person who loves snapping away on your phone, you’ll love this. Pixel owners will have free access to Google Cloud for life, to store their photos and videos. They’ll be saved at the highest quality too, so even your 4K videos won’t suffer in the transfer to cloud storage.

Smart storage

As well as free storage for life, the Pixel also offers this nifty feature. If it thinks you’re phone storage is becoming too full, it will automatically transfer your photos and videos to storage. That’s great for prolific photographers, as they can carry on taking photos without worrying about running out of space on their phone.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the evolution of Allo, and the Pixel will be the first ever phone to come with it built in. You’ll be able to call it up with a long press on the home screen and ask it anything you like. Google promises that it will learn from past interactions with you, and will be able to contextualize anything you say to it. People who’ve tried it say that it still appears to be a work in progress, however.

Pixel launcher

This is the evolution of the Google Now launcher, and promises to make using your phone a whole lot easier. This is also the system that replaces Google Now with the Google Assistant. The launcher includes a dynamic calendar on the home screen and new, rounder app buttons if you’re into the aesthetics.

24/7 support

Google has recognised that one of the main problems with buying a new phone is the lack of customer support. In light of this, they’re offering 24/7 support by both voice and text. There’s also a screen sharing option, so technicians can see what’s happening on your phone. It’s going to need a lot of manpower to provide this, but if anyone can do it, Google can.

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