Here’s The Games We’re Excited To See Come Out In 2017

It’s a whole new year, so we know what that means; new games! There’s plenty on the slate for 2017, so let’s take a look at what’s coming up this year and get excited.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The latest iteration of the Resident Evil franchise has taken a sharp u turn from it’s last outing, which was all out action, all the time. Now, the game has taken some serious inspiration from P.T. and is now a first person, claustrophobic survival horror. Whether the game is going back to its roots, as has been claimed, remains to be seen. However, the trailers and gameplay so far are very promising.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Delayed from it’s original 2016 release date, this VR title allows you to become one of the famous Starship Enterprise bridge crew. You can wander around the bridge in real time, and get involved as the team take on all sorts of dangers. It’s going to be a must for any Star Trek fans to get their hands on.


Anyone who yearns for the days of the simple 3D platformer is in luck this year. Made by some of the minds behind Banjo – Kazooie, this platformer features an adorable chameleon and his bat sidekick navigating brightly coloured lands in their quest. One of Kickstarter’s best successes, this should be out on PCs and consoles soon.

Persona 5

After nearly a decade in development, JPG fans will be delighted to hear that the high school kids with supernatural powers will be back on the PS4 this year. This time around, the game focuses on a band of stylish cat burglars in their adventures. It’s sure to be just as kooky and exciting as the rest of the franchise.


Despite what the name tells you, this title has almost nothing to do with the 2006 game of the same name. Trapped in deep space, you’ll be hunted by shape shifting aliens and it’s your job to stay alive and escape.

Days Gone

Zombies aren’t quite done with us yet, as this PS4 exclusive shows. The ‘Freakers’ are dangerous as there’s just so many of them. Often, you’ll find that you have to just run when a flood of them start coming after you. It promises to be tense and real test of your survival skills.

Outlast 2

Following the phenomenal success of it’s predecessor, this game sees you as a journalist in a remote village, investigating the murder of a woman. As before, you have no experience in weapons so you have to run and hide whenever the bad guys come. It promises to be just as terrifying as before.

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