The Most Important News From Apple’s iPhone Event

Apple held it’s iPhone event on the 7th September, and they’ve announced some huge new changes for the world’s most popular mobile phone. Here’s all the important news from the event that you need to know.

The 7 and 7 Plus are now here

It’s true, the newest iterations of the iPhone are here and they’ll be available for purchase from today. The iPhone 7 will start from £599, and the iPhone 7 Plus will start from £719.

The phone comes with a huge range of new features, some of which we’ll get into later on. First of all, you’ll notice that the new iPhone has a super sleek finish, which Apple are calling ‘Jet Black’. It means the line between screen and chassis is less obvious, making your phone look a little bit like monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The new display is 25% brighter and displays wider colour.

The camera has been dramatically improved, and will now be faster and take even better quality pictures. There will also be features called Bokeh and Portrait, that will allow you to get even better effects with your phone camera.

Nintendo games coming to iOS

In news sure to delight all gaming fans, Nintendo and Apple are working together to bring Nintendo games to iOS. The first game that the iPhone will see is Super Mario Run, featuring everyone’s favourite plumber himself. In other news, Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. The specially designed version of the app has been created so you can keep track of your workout as you run around catching them all.

Water resistance

Who hasn’t, at some point, dropped their phone in the toilet or accidentally thrown it in the washing machine? (not just me, surely?!). In good news for clumsy phone owners everywhere, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now meet IP67 specs for water resistance. This means that you can’t take your iPhone for a swim, but if you drop it in a swimming pool it’s not necessarily going to be instant death for your phone.

Wireless headphones

In what Apple users are considering the most important move for the new iPhone, it’s been announced that they’re doing away with the standard headphone jack and introducing wireless headphones.

The headphones are called Apple AirPods, and Apple promise that they are the most advanced bluetooth headphones you’ll ever see. They can be controlled by sensors that will detect if you tap on them, and you can use Siri through them to move through your music collection. They’ll be released in October, and will cost £159.

Still want to use your old wired headphones? Due to the removal of the headphone jack, they can be connected via a new Lightning adapter. Only time will tell if the AirPods catch on.

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