Is Instagram ‘Stories’ The New Snapchat?

Dedicated Instagram followers found recently that their favourite photography app has been updated with the ‘Stories’ capability. This new function allows users to take and post photos and videos that won’t live on their feeds permanently. Instead, the pictures only last 24 hours, and are shown in a separate ‘stories’ feed.

Sound familiar? Users of Snapchat will know all about taking temporary photos, as that’s basically what Snapchat does. Stories, to all intents and purposes, is the same app. Many phone owners use both Snapchat and Instagram, so why would they want Stories?

We tested it out, and it seems they really are almost the same thing. Stories offers the ability to add filters to your picture, so you can add one of Instagram’s famous filters if you want to make your shot look arty, or just cover up the fact your skin’s looking a bit blotchy. You even swipe left to get the filters, just like you do on Snapchat.

Adding personal touches works the same way too. You can add text, or draw on the picture using your finger. These features are slightly different, as you can add your text in at an angle, or draw with a ‘neon’ pen. They’re fun, but not enough to convince Snapchat owners to ditch the app for Instagram.

The difference between Stories and Snapchat may lie in the audience. Snapchat appears to be an app used more between close friends, where they can send each other silly pictures that they know will disappear after 24 hours. Instagram, though, is a more curated app, where users take the best pictures they can to show off the best parts of their life.

Stories offers Instagram users a peek behind the curtain of other users lives. Celebrities and internet stars can show their followers what goes into creating the perfect shot, and what they get up to in their everyday lives. Instagram users may have more followers there than on Snapchat, so may relish the chance to perform to a different audience.

Apps taking each other’s features is nothing new. After all, Facebook lifted their current feed style and hashtag usage directly from Twitter. The move to create Stories may not steal users away from Snapchat, but it does offer users the chance to create something a bit different on their feed.

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