Mobile Monday Birmingham strikes again

Mobile Monday Birmingham will be hitting the Birmingham Science Park on the 3rd September!

This mobile web meetup is targeted for anyone who has an interest in the mobile industry. The event will hopefully open people’s minds to the possibilities of mobile web while creating an enjoyable experience.

There will be intriguing speeches from Microsoft and Wapple, who will talk about mobile technology. But the day doesn’t end there! As there will be a variety of ‘show and tells’, from companies such as 5app and lightwoodgames, scattered around the event allowing attendees to try out products. And don’t forget the snacks (like anyone could forget snacks!), which will combine two great feats of the dining world – pizza and beer.

Mobile Monday Birmingham will also be the perfect opportunity to network with a variety of businesses and individuals!

With so much happening at this event, it would be a shame for anyone with a special interest in IT to miss out. So, click the link below and sign up for a ticket.

Did I mention there are free tickets? Sponsored by Microsoft!

And don’t forget to follow @momobrum where you can keep updated on who else will be showing up.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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