What You Need To Know About The Release Of The Nintendo Switch

Now we’ve finally seen the Nintendo Switch in all it’s glory, what are gaming fans looking forward to the most? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the latest Nintendo console.

Release date and price

First things first, how much is it and when you can buy it? Nintendo revealed that the Switch will come on sale on the 3rd March 2017, and will cost £279.99 here in the UK. Many news outlets have slammed the price as being too high, especially in comparison to previous Nintendo consoles. Also the add ons available are looking rather pricey. For example, a traditional style controller will be £57.50.

The Joy-Con controllers

The Switch has lots of innovative features, the first of which being the Joy-Con controllers. These controllers can be used in several different ways, depending on what you’re playing or how you want to play. They can be attached to a Joy-Con Grip, making them one traditional style controller. They can also be used as separate controllers in their own right, much like the Wii controllers. They can even be attached to the pull out screen for on the go gaming. The reveal showed that they are motion sensitive, have a ‘HD rumble’ feature, and that they have a motion IR camera built in.

Online gaming

This time around, Nintendo appear to be ditching the friend codes and other paraphernalia of their previous consoles to emulate other big consoles. To play online, you’ll now need to pay a monthly fee to access the service. This brings them in line with Sony and Microsoft, and their online systems. Paying for this service will give you access to a classic Nintendo game every month, although the game will be taken away and replaced with another one when the month is up.

The games line up

The release day line up of games is looking rather slim, but most gamers know that that’s usually the case for any new console. However, there do seem to be some gems hiding in the games on offer.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is the latest in the series of hugely popular RPGs. You’ll again play Link in an open world environment, and this time there seems to be survival gameplay involved.

1-2 Switch is a game not unlike Wii Sports, in that it introduces players to how the Joy-Con works. Two players take a controller each, and they use it in quick fire games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors. The players point at each other, rather than at the screen.

There’s games being ported for the Switch, too. Punishing PC game The Binding Of Isaac will come for Nintendo players for the first time, as will RPG I Am Setsuna.

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