The Nintendo Switch Release Roundup

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a few days now, and we’re beginning to see all the exciting, annoying, and downright odd news that’s coming from the fans that bought a console on release day. Here’s the roundup of everything you need to know so far.

Don’t lick your cartridges

Have you been seeing people on Youtube or Twitter licking their brand new Switch game cartridges? Don’t worry, it’s not a new fad that you need to understand. the phenomenon has come about as Nintendo announced that the cartridges are coated with denatonium benzoate, which is a bittering agent. Why? To discourage young children from swallowing them. It presumably works, but adults haven’t been able to help but try it for themselves. The result, it seems, is that they really do taste awful.

Issues with dead pixels

Many users have been reporting that their screens are showing dead pixels right out of the box. Nintendo have claimed they have no responsibility for this, saying ‘these are characteristic of LCD screens.’ They won’t replace any Switch consoles that have this issue. Gamers are recommending you take your console back to the store you bought it from, if it’s having these issues.

Secret messages in your pro controller

People who have bought the £59.99 pro controller have discovered an Easter egg hidden within it. If you push the right analogue stick down, you can see the message ‘Thnx2 allgamefans!’ hidden under the semi transparent plastic.

Joy Cons and hand size

When the Switch was announced, there was a lot of speculation that the Joy Cons would be too small, and they may have been founded. A Kotaku reporter has said that they love them as their hands are rather small, and larger controllers have given them trouble. Compared to other, larger handed people in the office though, they’re in the minority. It seems that they can be a pain to use once they’re detached from the console.

Save files can’t be transferred

While you can insert a microSD card into your Switch, you can’t transfer save files, Nintendo has confirmed. That means if your Switch breaks in the future, you can’t transfer those saves via microSD to another console. However, there’s not been word on how that will work with cloud saves yet.

HD rumble has been praised by blind gamer

Reports are coming in that 1-2 Switch, one of the release titles for the Switch, has been a surprise hit with blind gamers. It’s all down to the HD rumble, which allows them to get involved with the game as they don’t need to be looking at a screen. Gamers with disabilities will be glad to hear of this, as it means there’s more games out there that they can enjoy.

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