The Nokia 3310 Has Made A Surprise Comeback

Everyone has fond memories of their first phone. For me, it was the Nokia 5510. It had changeable covers, Snake, and the ability to compose your own ringtones, thanks to the compositions you could find on dedicated websites back around the year 2000. The newer and sturdier cousin to the 5510, the Nokia 3310, has seen a surprise comeback this week and it’s come as a surprise to say the least.

The 3310 is beloved by all people of a certain age, and for good reason. It had fantastic battery life, the sturdiest hardware known to man, and of course, Snake. You can see, then, why HMD Global have decided to bring the 3310 back to the masses.

Of course, 17 years after its debut, there are some changes that had to be made. The screen is new larger and in colour, something the original wasn’t capable of. You can buy the new model in four different colours, and for the first time the 3310 will have internet connectivity.

The new iteration of the 3310 is being sold as a ‘feature phone’, as it won’t work like the smartphones that we’re all now used to. There’s no app store, and the internet will only connect via 2.5G, which means it’s much slower than regular phones. At a push, your may be able to run Twitter and Facebook, but that’s it. There’s a camera that’s been added, but it’ll only take 2 megapixel photos, so it won’t be the phone for you if you’re addicted to Instagram. It will, though, have Snake.

HMD Global have been talking about the new 3310 as a ‘digital detox’ or holiday phone. They reason that most people want their phones to stop beeping with emails and social media updates sometimes. Every now and then, they just need a break. That’s why a second phone, they reason, could be the answer. If you can’t access your apps, they can’t bother you.

There is some sense in this. Everyone, at some point, has got sick of their phone pinging every five minutes. It’s hard to relax when you know you can just reach over and have a quick check of your emails. A phone that can’t do any of that does sound appealing.

However, the fact is that your smartphone can do that too. All you have to do is turn off the wifi and 4G, and no more notifications can come through.

There are times where the new 3310 can be very useful, though. It would make a great mobile phone for an elderly relative, as it has real buttons on it and no extra features that they won’t need or use. It’s also perfect for giving to a child in case of emergencies, or keeping in your car as a spare should you break down.

The 3310 is slated to be released for £41, so it should actually be an excellent budget phone. If you need the internet on your phone and aren’t taken in by nostalgia though, you may be better off looking elsewhere for a new phone.

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