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Dojit-Notify – Give your apps a push!


Player engagement, audience retention, user insights, notification services… If you’re an app dev you’ll be familiar with these terms and how they can cause frustration at the best of times. After spending months or even years developing an app, what you want most is to have it reach as many people as possible as often as possible, right? Well here’s some good news; we’re bringing you a fast and easy way to boost your app.

We’re bringing you a notification service that will make it easier for you to use push notifications, this way you can make sure that your audience is constantly kept in the loop. If you’re wondering exactly what these notifications are, that’s the best part; it’s completely up to you! Push notifications come in three forms; an onscreen alert or popup, sounds and badges (the small, numbered red icon which sits in the corner of an app logo on the home screen). The great thing about dojit-notify is that we give you the tools you need to set the parameters you want.

Still on the fence? Well let me explain how push notifications and dojit-notify can give your app that little something extra, without causing you any unnecessary hassle. Our service will allow you to send targeted notifications to players both in and out of game. All of this is done with an easy online setup process and a simple management UI. The great thing about it is; it’s a rules driven engine with developer defined triggers. This ensures the flexibility of your notification strategy, and perhaps most appealing of all, the notification ‘recipes’ can be created in seconds.

With these context aware push notifications you’ll be able to achieve an increase in daily app opens, social media sharing on sites such as Facebook & Twitter and will also benefit from having a faster response time.

Push notification apps that utilise system notifications have proven to increase player retention, which in turn drives the overall generated revenue from your apps. You’ll define exactly where, when & how the notifications will be used and will even be able to create an automatic schedule for them. You can also boost player engagement in game by generating context aware messages as they play, it’s all up to you!

Dojit aims to bring you this service by the 19th of August this year and all for a very reasonable price. To find out more information and get involved, head over to and don’t forget to check out our How-To video.

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