Chicken Strike Game: Out Now!

Dojit’s new game, Chicken Strike Game, is now available on iOS and Android!

Mr Farmer’s farm is in danger, and it’s up to you to save it! The chickens have gone on strike, and just to add insult to injury, are now throwing all their precious eggs out of the barn window! Using the tilt controls on your phone or tablet, direct Mr Farmer left and right to grab the eggs in his basket and save the farm.

Special power up assist Mr Farmer in his quest. There are fire eggs that explode all eggs on the screen, purple eggs that slow down time, stone eggs that turn all eggs to stone, and silver eggs that double the points you earn! You also gain seed bags as you save every 100 eggs, allowing to buy special bonuses for use in game.

Game treats for the game will also be available on our blog and Twitter page, so keep an eye out for them!

Chicken Strike is the game created by students from the University of Hertfordshire in Dojit’s first Game Jam.

We ran a workshop with NACUE Create and students at the University of Hertfordshire, their aim was to come up with a new game idea, these students after two hours then pitched it to a panel.

We selected a team with three students, Richard Davy Pooransingh, Touchen Alphonse and Daniel Sibanda who proposed a game called Chicken Strike. They have completely developed the graphics with the game and dojit has done the game software development. The game can be downloaded from Apple iTunes and Google Play stores for free with in game purchases.

If you enjoy Chicken Strike, be sure to check out other Dojit games, such as Home Bear, Soccer Zillionaire and Run Swim, Fly!

Share your HomeBear adventure and stories

Have you had awesome adventures with HomeBear?

We would like you to share your HomeBear adventure and stories! Take a screenshot on your device and post it on Facebook or send a tweet to HomeBear . You could see your story posted on our website and in a video on Youtube if all of you send your stories and pictures in!

To take an screen shot on iOS, press the home key and off key at the same time. Screen shot will be saved in your Picture Roll.

Android devices, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

We are looking forward to your stories and adventures!

Dojit and MAXIME – Move for Change takes London!

Dojit recently went to MAXIME to take part in a games evaluation. A few students looked into our games and what we could do to improve interaction between our games and the real world, and ways to bring these two worlds together in games like Home Bear. They presented us with a lovely presentation and went to spread the message of Move for Change and to ask the people about what made them play certain games, and what they looked for in these games. All in the magnificent city known as London!

MAXIME came up with the idea of Move for Change, where you implement features into the game that allow movement in real life to build up a currency or gain rewards within the game. These features can be personalisation such as a Hat or some Boots, to something that can give you an advantage within a game like a speed boost or the ability to use an already present item. They tell us that by using this feature you can start to engage a user even when they are not playing the game. This is a fantastic point and is sure to take off if we were to implement it in a game. As our games are made for children, parents would see their children actively seeking to be exercising and engaging in sport as there is more rewards for them to gain from it. You can then build on this by making it competitive. You can bring in this element by creating a leaderboard which measures the most active countries using your app and unlocking rewards by moving about.

By engaging the user on more fronts, we can create a more successful game that people will want to enjoy more often and be more involved with, and they reap all the rewards. This is fantastic for parents who don’t have to worry about a child being glued to a screen attempting to grind unlocks as we, by deploying Move for Change, can make unlocking in game items a more physical and healthy way of playing a game.

So should we, and others begin to Move for Change, and Move for Community?

Don’t forget to check out the students spreading the word of Move for Change and Home Bear in LONDON!

Totally Milkshake Promo

Totally Totally with some Milkshake

In June we will be launching Totally Milkshake, our flavour-tastic  100 milkshake recipe game for Ipad, Iphone and loads of Android tablets.

Totally Milkshake is the lip smacking new matching game from Dojit that’s sure to set your taste buds and gaming fingers ablaze. With its fantastic colours and fun game play this gem is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Collect the right ingredients to mix up your favourite fruits, nuts and chocolate and turn them into awesome shakes. Just make sure you’re quick enough to catch the falling ingredients into the milkshake glass, or else you’ll lose points and get some less then taste-tastic combinations.

Look up your favourite milkshakes on our list and try and complete all one hundred recipes! Try to make the most milkshakes in a set amount of time! Rank up the highest score and become master of the milkshake parlour! You’ll soon be spending hours trying to complete all this amazing game has to offer and more! And the best thing about totally milkshake is every shake on the list is REAL.

Once you’re done playing the game, you’ll find it easier to memorize all your favourite milkshake treats. The more recipes you unlock, the more flavours you’ll be able to try! So get stuck right in and put on your favourite cooking apron, because you’re going to be in for a real sugary treat!

New Home Bear Spring available NOW for FREE

We are pleased to annonce that our new game Home Bear Spring is available for free in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. So just try it is so fun,cool and made for kids and every one who love cute things.

O no! Home Bear is lost and it’s up to you to get him back home!

Join your new cuddly friend in a brand new adventure just in time for Easter!

Help Home Bear through many exciting and colourful lands using a bundle of wacky tools. Click here !


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Soccer Zillionaire receives rave reviews

Soccer Zillionaire is proving a huge hit with fans and is already received mass appeal on both the app store and on google play.

The brand new game from Dojit has only be available less than a week and already has received many downloads and plenty of positive feedback.  The soccer game, which is an ingenius mix of soccer and board games, is so far getting plenty of five star reviews on both google play and the app store.

LeftMidfielder5The game has been described as enjoyable, challenging and even a game changer by those who have reviewed it.

Soccer Zillionaire is currently free to download on both the app store and on google play.

For more information on Soccer Zillionaire and insightful posts about everything football follow @soczillionaire on twitter.

Soccer Zillionaire and Home Bear available for free

It’s March Madness here at Dojit Games as we are offering two exciting games, Home Bear classic and the brand new Soccer Zillionaire for free to all android devices throughout the month of March.

Download soccer zillionaire and manage a team to glory against your friends in this thrilling hybrid of sport and board game and download Home Bear classic and help cuddly Home Bear find his way back home, both for free this month only.

Dojit aim to offer fun and exciting gameplay for all ages on a range of tablet and mobile devices and this offer again shows our determination and desire to provide such gameplay for an entire generation of people.

We urge you to take advantage of this exciting offer and enjoy everything that our games provide.

For more information on both games make sure to follow @Soczillionaire and @homebeargame on twitter.

Soccer Zillionaire available for download

Dojit are proud to announce that anticipated family fun game Soccer Zillionaire has been released on google play and on the app store. Combined with a brand new eye-catching logo the hybrid of sports and board games is finally be available for download and enjoyed by soccer and board game fans of all ages.

Soccer Zillionaire gives players the chance to play a challenging single player mode or with friends to battle it out to determine who is the ultimate manager.

Players can decide which team to manage from a selection of four diverse teams before transferring in and out a a range of world class players, each with their own positives and negatives, stats and descriptions. Climb your way to the top of the league and play in dramatic, nail biting shoot-outs to become the ultimate soccer zillionaire.soccerzillionaire

The game promises a fun, thrilling experience for all ages with colourful graphics and a simple user interface. If your a fan of soccer, or even if your not, Soccer Zillionaire provides excitement every time with every game being uniquely different.

For more information on Soccer Zillionaire follow us on twitter at @SocZillionaire

Announcement: We are a Famigo approved game !

The dojit office is jumping up and down the walls today as we have some great news to tell you. Home Bear is a Famigo approved game. What is Famigo? I can see you are about to ask next from all those puzzled faces. is a website designed for parents that lets them discover mobile apps that safe and trusted for kids to use.

Famigo gave us an amazing score of 5 out of 5 stars which we are over the moon about :D. They said ‘The soothing music and cartoon visuals add some depth to a simple app and makes it even more memorable.”  Click here to see the full review on Famigo!