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Have you had awesome adventures with HomeBear?

We would like you to share your HomeBear adventure and stories! Take a screenshot on your device and post it on Facebook or send a tweet to HomeBear . You could see your story posted on our website and in a video on Youtube if all of you send your stories and pictures in!

To take an screen shot on iOS, press the home key and off key at the same time. Screen shot will be saved in your Picture Roll.

Android devices, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

We are looking forward to your stories and adventures!

Dojit and MAXIME – Move for Change takes London!

Dojit recently went to MAXIME to take part in a games evaluation. A few students looked into our games and what we could do to improve interaction between our games and the real world, and ways to bring these two worlds together in games like Home Bear. They presented us with a lovely presentation and went to spread the message of Move for Change and to ask the people about what made them play certain games, and what they looked for in these games. All in the magnificent city known as London!

MAXIME came up with the idea of Move for Change, where you implement features into the game that allow movement in real life to build up a currency or gain rewards within the game. These features can be personalisation such as a Hat or some Boots, to something that can give you an advantage within a game like a speed boost or the ability to use an already present item. They tell us that by using this feature you can start to engage a user even when they are not playing the game. This is a fantastic point and is sure to take off if we were to implement it in a game. As our games are made for children, parents would see their children actively seeking to be exercising and engaging in sport as there is more rewards for them to gain from it. You can then build on this by making it competitive. You can bring in this element by creating a leaderboard which measures the most active countries using your app and unlocking rewards by moving about.

By engaging the user on more fronts, we can create a more successful game that people will want to enjoy more often and be more involved with, and they reap all the rewards. This is fantastic for parents who don’t have to worry about a child being glued to a screen attempting to grind unlocks as we, by deploying Move for Change, can make unlocking in game items a more physical and healthy way of playing a game.

So should we, and others begin to Move for Change, and Move for Community?

Don’t forget to check out the students spreading the word of Move for Change and Home Bear in LONDON!

New Home Bear Spring available NOW for FREE

We are pleased to annonce that our new game Home Bear Spring is available for free in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. So just try it is so fun,cool and made for kids and every one who love cute things.

O no! Home Bear is lost and it’s up to you to get him back home!

Join your new cuddly friend in a brand new adventure just in time for Easter!

Help Home Bear through many exciting and colourful lands using a bundle of wacky tools. Click here !


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Announcement: We are a Famigo approved game !

The dojit office is jumping up and down the walls today as we have some great news to tell you. Home Bear is a Famigo approved game. What is Famigo? I can see you are about to ask next from all those puzzled faces. is a website designed for parents that lets them discover mobile apps that safe and trusted for kids to use.

Famigo gave us an amazing score of 5 out of 5 stars which we are over the moon about :D. They said ‘The soothing music and cartoon visuals add some depth to a simple app and makes it even more memorable.”  Click here to see the full review on Famigo!


Something to play during half-term

It’s half term for a lot of kids in the UK right now which usually means having lie ins til the afternoon, annoying your parents and no homework for a week! It also means getting lots of spare time on your hands, so why don’t you grab a great game and help Home Bear find his way home. Travel through a variety of levels by travelling through the snowy ‘Winter Wonderland’ or try not to blush too much in the romantic ‘Cupid’s Paradise’. Use that extra time to solve hundreds of fun puzzles and obstacles that try to block your way. Download now and have hours of entertainment. We also have a special price for Android users, Home Bear is available for the bargain price of 50p, catch it for this low price while you can.

Download here for iTunes Store (Apple)

Download here for Google Play Store (Android)

Home Bear Game - Eskimo Village Level

Home Bear Game - Dream World Bounce






from the dojit team 🙂

Home Bear: Valentine’s Day Special

We are feeling all loved up at dojit games today as Valentine’s Day approaches tomorrow. Have you bought your loved one a present or are you feeling a little lonely ? Well dojit has the answer to your problems, we are sharing the love with the Home Bear Valentines Update. Move through the clouds in the magical Cupid’s Paradise and navigate through the enchanting Rose Garden.


For everyone who has the game this update is FREE but for everyone else we are feeling very generous and lowering the price to £0.69/$0.99 on the Apple Store. On the Google Play Store it is £0.50. Not only do you get the Valentines pack but you also get the original game and Winter Wonderland bonus pack as well all included in the price.

Download here Apple Store:

Google Play Store

 Happy Valentines from the dojit team1378608_95334644

ANNOUNCEMENT: Home Bear Discount Weekend

For a limited time only, Home Bear will drop its price to £0.69 from Friday 25th January – Sunday 27th January. Join the cuddly bear on his adventures and you get a variety of worlds to explore from dream land to the enchanted forest with hundreds of levels spread across them. So for this incredible bargain buy Home Bear this weekend with more updates to come. Keep checking the blog to find out the latest news on Home Bear and our other games.

Have a great weekend

from the dojit team 🙂

Home Bear is available on:

  • Apple App Store

  • Amazon

  • Google Play Store


Home Bear –

Google Play

Home Bear –



Home Bear Game - our loveable bear

Home Bear Game Wallpapers

At dojit games we love to share. So ready for the new Home Bear Game we are providing new wallpaper designs every day before Christmas 2012.

So take a look at our new bear-tastic free download game based wallpapers which can be found at .  These are ideal for having as the background phones such as the Apple Iphone, HTC or Samsung Galaxy as we have made them in many beautiful designs and screen sizes. Remember, a new design every day and they even work on tablets and pads.

Home Bear Game is a phone or tablet game based around a loveable character called Home Bear.  He wakes up in the woods and its up to you to get him home. The game has over 200 puzzle based levels that show Home Bear in various settings, from the Forest, Duck Pond, corn field, Vegetable Patch, Farm House and Hen House.  Every level is a colorful joy to complete.

If your interested in finding out more then like Home Bear on facebook,  and we’ll keep you updated. Otherwise check out for free downloads and links to the app stores.


David Bozward, CEO of dojit games.

What can Home Bear teach you?


At dojit games we want to make games for kids who love to develop new skills, so in our first game, Home Bear we have made some great opportunities for children.


Solving Puzzles

By using a selection of cute and vibrant items on Home Bear’s journey, items such as the balloon that allows our furry hero to fly high into the sky or the marshmallow that plugs nasty holes in the ground.  The combination of tools and obstacles gives the player loads of opportunity to solve over 200 puzzle-based levels.



Bear-tacular fun awaits in this new puzzle adventure from Dojit Games, levels of various difficulty cater to all players and playing types with fun and helpful tutorials to help more younger and less experienced players enjoy the game. So the 200++ levels ensure you have to focus on getting the Bear Home.


Hand Eye Coordination

To complete the Bear-uzzly levels you need to ensure you combine the tools, obstacles to coordinate Home Bear to his destination. As the levels get more complex the coordinate also increases to ensure you are multi-tasking our Bear Home.


Home Bear game is available for download on Android and Apple devices, take a look at for further details.

Home Bear – A Kid Friendly Game


At dojit we know everyone likes Bears, especially cuddly teddy bears. So we had to build a bear, Home Bear, so that everyone can love bears too.

So how have we done this?

Game Play – The game starts with easy to complete tutorial levels which are based on a Dream World. Here you can learn how to use the kids friendly tools :  Ladder, Pillow, Party Balloon, Space Hooper, Marsh Mellow and Platform Bridge. These levels then get more complex, developing into puzzles which require careful thought to complete using a preselected amount of tools.

Languages – For a truly international audience we have developed the game to work in Chinese (中国游戏), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. This allows children throughout the world to be able to play and enjoy Home Bear.

Phone, Tablet, Pad Support – At launch we aim to support Google Android and Apple devices which is the majority of smartphones in the world. During the first quarter of 2013 we will add support for Chinese, Windows phone. Take a look at

Free to Play and Paid Versions – By offering free play versions, kids can develop their knowledge and skills, allowing dojit to market the game to the casual games market. A paid version is offered which requires no further payments and ensures that children cannot add items to the users bill. Take a look at

Support – Through our online support site we can provide help, treats and tips on how to play the game.


Through this strategy we can help children throughout the world play and enjoy our game throughout 2013. As Home Bear Game is the first game to be launched by dojit games, developing games which are none violent and aimed at casual players who want to enjoy games.