Beta Testing with a Home Bear

Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, the shops are full of bright and shiny gifts to buy our family, friends and children. Yet Home Bear Game is slowly moving towards a launch on Android and Apple devices before Christmas.

Home Bear Game has been developed for kids, especially those who want a game which provides a fun and safe learning environment. The aim of the game is to help a cuddly bear, called Home Bear to get home, through a series of puzzle type screens.

At dojit, we love bears, especially Teddy Bears and therefore Home Bear never gets hurt or harmed in any way. You just restart the level if he gets stuck, as Bear sometime do.

For more information about Home Bear, check our website at and our Facebook page at so we can keep you updated.

Home Bear – Hopelessly Lost

Excuse me?
Can you help me?
Hi. My name’s Home Bear.
I’m hopelessly lost.
I bumped my head and now I can’t remember my way back home.
You see, I had a home. The very best kind. With a red roof, white walls, a blue door and a garden full of flowers. It’s warm and toasty with a TV, cosy bed and warm fireplace. But best of all, that’s where my best friend, Hannah Banana, is. We do everything together. We eat together, watch TV together, play together in the woods and snuggle as we sleep. We are, ahem were, two peas in a pod.
And we went everywhere together. We’ve never had a day apart since the day she was born.
Until now.
I miss home terribly. I’ve been on my own for about a week. Maybe more. It’s all a bit hazy since this bump to my head.
A little birdy told me that Hannah Banana dropped me whilst playing hide and seek in the 10 feet tall cornfield.
I can’t believe she’d just dump me. Not Hannah Banana.
But here I am, still in the cornfield.
I can’t find my way home. The birds and bees have tried to help but they don’t know where home is either.
I don’t even know which direction home is.
All I want is to go home.
It’s all I can talk about. Home.
And that’s why the birds and the bees round here call me Home Bear.
Do you think you could help me find my way home?
I don’t think I could do it without