Soccer Zillionaire receives rave reviews

Soccer Zillionaire is proving a huge hit with fans and is already received mass appeal on both the app store and on google play.

The brand new game from Dojit has only be available less than a week and already has received many downloads and plenty of positive feedback.  The soccer game, which is an ingenius mix of soccer and board games, is so far getting plenty of five star reviews on both google play and the app store.

LeftMidfielder5The game has been described as enjoyable, challenging and even a game changer by those who have reviewed it.

Soccer Zillionaire is currently free to download on both the app store and on google play.

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Soccer Zillionaire and Home Bear available for free

It’s March Madness here at Dojit Games as we are offering two exciting games, Home Bear classic and the brand new Soccer Zillionaire for free to all android devices throughout the month of March.

Download soccer zillionaire and manage a team to glory against your friends in this thrilling hybrid of sport and board game and download Home Bear classic and help cuddly Home Bear find his way back home, both for free this month only.

Dojit aim to offer fun and exciting gameplay for all ages on a range of tablet and mobile devices and this offer again shows our determination and desire to provide such gameplay for an entire generation of people.

We urge you to take advantage of this exciting offer and enjoy everything that our games provide.

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Soccer Zillionaire available for download

Dojit are proud to announce that anticipated family fun game Soccer Zillionaire has been released on google play and on the app store. Combined with a brand new eye-catching logo the hybrid of sports and board games is finally be available for download and enjoyed by soccer and board game fans of all ages.

Soccer Zillionaire gives players the chance to play a challenging single player mode or with friends to battle it out to determine who is the ultimate manager.

Players can decide which team to manage from a selection of four diverse teams before transferring in and out a a range of world class players, each with their own positives and negatives, stats and descriptions. Climb your way to the top of the league and play in dramatic, nail biting shoot-outs to become the ultimate soccer zillionaire.soccerzillionaire

The game promises a fun, thrilling experience for all ages with colourful graphics and a simple user interface. If your a fan of soccer, or even if your not, Soccer Zillionaire provides excitement every time with every game being uniquely different.

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Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: North City

Today is the final instalment of our behind the soccer zillionaire teams feature. Last but certainly not least is North City, with a bad reputation, are they just too hard to manage or is it all just act?

Soccer promo image 3 copy

North City

North City is a club that brings fear to anyone that hears their name, known as the bad boys of Soccer, they are a force to be reckoned with. Every hotel room they stay in gets trashed with chairs being thrown through the window, bathrooms being over flooded and food being thrown everyone. Their on pitch antics are even more infamous as they have caused many fights usually amongst themselves, usually squabbling over how has the ball, who is the most tough and who has the most fabulous hair.


Known for having a cool street wise image, they were the coolest of cool and their popularity was off the charts until they decided that soccer wasn’t enough for them. Someone had the bright idea that releasing a rap song would cement them as the hardest soccer team on the planet. After arguing who rapped which line, the song Nice, Nice Baby was released. The song was so bad that it didn’t reach any chart at all and they became a laughing stock. Can you restore the street cred of the North City, whip them into shape and be a Soccer Zillionaire?

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Invaders

Throughout the week we are looking at the story behind the teams of dojit’s upcoming Soccer Zillionaire, the soccer/boardgame hybrid. Today we are going to focus on ‘The Invaders who have a star on their team but are the other players happy about this?


The Invaders



‘Another goal scored by the amazing Tristan Wrenaldo, another man of the match trophy for the star of the show will be added to his large collection’ These comments are a regular occurrence for Tristan Wrenaldo who is the The Invaders main striker and now the biggest celebrity to come out of the soccer world. Always being followed by the paparazzi and seen on all the red carpets, every one on the planet knows his name. The Invaders finished at the top of the league last year and won the Cup Final thanks to him. Nothing could stop their achievements so it would seem.

With star players come with VIP treatment, throughout the years Tristan demanded that he have a hair and make up team constantly touch him up during matches, that he eats only the finest of caviars during training and that all the other players address him as Master. Over time the rest of the team grew more and more bitter towards him becoming his background extras. The team finally had enough when Tristan wanted a picture of his face on the new soccer kit on top of a zillion dollar raise. The team finally had enough and kicked him off the team, when the manager found out, he quit as well. Can you continue the Invaders number one success without their star player and become a Soccer Zillionaire?


Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Blizzards

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about The Blizzards.



The Blizzards

Squeaky clean and generally nice people, The Blizzards can do no wrong in the eyes of their fans. In-between matches the team players can be generally seen doing charity work for many organisations such as skydiving for people with monobrows and bake sales to save the unicorns. They even donate their pay checks to worthy campaigns like having the right to wear pyjamas in supermarkets and the ‘No Vegetables More Chocolate’ bill which are very important! With all this charity work it leads them for no time for training or even having any rest for matches.




The Blizzards have been constantly at the bottom of the leader board for the past ten years. While they are all very nice people, nice isn’t enough in soccer. You need the will, drive and determination to win the game which The Blizzards simply don’t possess. They are the laughing stock of the soccer league with their rivals not even trying to win when they play against them. The Invaders even as a laugh had only seven people play against The Blizzard’s eleven and they still won. Can you give The Blizzard’s the kick up the bum they need and lead them to victory and become a Soccer Zillionaire?

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Bull Stars

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about The Bull Stars.


Bull Stars

Spoilt and pampered at every opportunity are the Bull Stars, known to all as the posh boys of Soccer. Infamous for their luxury lifestyle, giant mansions filled with servants and super expensive cars. Dating back from the 1880s the Bull Stars is exclusive to family members of the aristocracy where every male family member must play for the team. Trained from the aged 4, the game of Soccer is instilled to their brains to make sure they are the best. While their methods can be seen as unorthodox they have won many trophies and are always in the top three of the soccer league. Their wealth also gives them football kits created by the latest fashion designers and their boots are made with gold and precious gems



Now the team’s reputation lies in tatters as a scandal in the newspapers brought them to shame. The previous manager of the team bribed one of the referees before an important match against their rivals North City. So desperate to protect their status the manager wanted to make sure that the match was in their favour with the referee giving yellow and red cards to North City at any opportunity. However the story was leaked to the press which led to the team being disqualified from the league for a year, the manager being fired and some of the team members going into hiding. Can you lead the team back to the top and become a Soccer Zillionaire?