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Meet the Disabled Gamers Who Are Playing Their Own Way

As a child reading the Official Playstation Magazine, I had my first encounter with disabled gaming in the letters pages. The details are fuzzy now, but a letter writer talked about a specialist controller he used that let him control games with only one hand, but sadly it didn’t work with all games. Luckily, he […]

Miitomo Launch: What Should We Expect?

Remember way back in November, when Nintendo announced their first foray into mobile gaming? That game, Miitomo, is finally launched in Western markets yesterday, after it’s already seen a successful launch in Japan last week. The game is seen as quite an apparent move to steal some of Facebook and other social media apps’ thunder, as […]

Jim Sterling vs. Digital Homicide

You may not know the name Digital Homicide, but you’re soon to become very familiar with it. It’s the name of an indie development company that have created several titles, that are questionable at best. They’ve hit the headlines as they have served gaming journalist Jim Sterling with a lawsuit suing him for up to […]

This Week In Wearable Tech at the Wearable Technology Show

Wearable technology is fast becoming the most exciting and innovative new technology today, so it’s no surprise that they now have an exhibition dedicated solely to them. Held in London over the 15-16th March this week, the Wearable Technology Show showed off the best tech currently available and what’s soon due to come out. Here […]

The Most Elusive Easter Eggs In Gaming

Fallout fans have been having fun in Fallout 4 ever since it’s release, scouring the wastelands looking for secrets and Easter eggs hidden amongst all the debris of the nuclear war. However, in an interview with Pete Holmes recently, the game’s director Todd Howard teased that there were some secrets still left to be found. […]

Facebook Has A Reaction: The Answer To The ‘Dislike’ Button Demand

On the 24th February, Facebook finally unveiled its redesigned ‘like’ button to it’s users worldwide. Now called ‘Reactions’, users can hover or hold down the ‘like’ button (depending on whether they’re using a desktop/laptop, or their mobile), and pick from one of six different reactions to a post. These include the perennial ‘like’, ‘love’, ‘anger’, […]

Apple vs. FBI: What You Need To Know

If you’re following the news, you’ve probably seen a lot of reporting about a legal struggle between the FBI and Apple. But why are the two currently fighting it out in the public eye? It stems back to the December 2015 San Bernardino shootings, perpetrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The FBI, who […]

The Quantum Break Non-Exclusive Reveal: The Console Wars Rage On

A fuss was kicked up in the last week over the upcoming game Quantum Break. Originally, the game was slated to become an Xbox One exclusive, but Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg recently declared that the game will also be available on PC from day one of release. As you can imagine, some Xbox One owners […]

Celebrity Apps: Are They Worth All The Hype?

Anyone who develops apps will tell you that it’s nigh on impossible to get your app noticed out in the real world. With app stores full to bursting with samey games and apps that are as useful as a chocolate teapot, how do you convince jaded users to download YOUR app? The answer is the […]

Goodbye desktop: Facebook users abandon PCs for mobile feeds

How often do you check Facebook on your mobile? You probably check in multiple times a day, while you’re in a queue at the supermarket or sitting around in waiting rooms. Then there’s the times when push notifications come through; get into a heated debate and your phone will be making the Facebook ‘pop’ sound […]

Is The Hoverboard Doomed?

As Big Ben struck 12 last year, many sci fi enthusiasts would have been thinking ‘It’s 2015 now, is this the year that we finally get our hoverboards?’ Thanks to the popularity of Back to the Future 2, which features a bright pink, Mattel branded hoverboard in one scene, it was hoped that eventually we’d […]

‘Stolen’: The Controversial Game You Probably Never Got To Play

You probably hadn’t had the chance to play ‘Stolen’ before it’s creators, Hey, Inc. shut it down on January 14th, but it had become a recent viral hit. The app game let players buy and sell each other, as well as letting them ‘steal’ them, as promised by the game’s title. Despite being an invite-only […]

The CES 2016 Round Up

CES 2016 is now all done and dusted, and all the news that was fit to print has been printed, read about and discussed to death on every tech corner of the internet. However, when there’s just so much news coming out of the exhibition every day, how can you track what’s hot and what’s […]

The Most Exciting Announcements (So Far) from CES 2016

It’s a brand new year, so what better time to showcase the new technology we have to look forward to in 2016? The Consumer Technology Association event in Las Vegas opened it’s doors in Las Vegas yesterday, and will run until the 9th January. During that time, visitors can peruse the show floor for the […]

Merry Christmas 2015!

Dear readers, Merry Christmas to you! Everyone here at Dojit hopes you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Thank you for reading and getting involved, and here’s to another a year packed full of exciting app and gaming news.

Tech Toys Through the Ages: How Gaming Changed the Shape of Christmas

With only eight sleeps until Christmas, those of us with children will know all too well that Father Christmas is employing only the most tech savvy elves, so he can leave the tech toys they want so much under their tree. It feels like in recent years that kids have veered away from Barbie and […]

Episodic Fury: FFVII Fans’ Anger At New Remake Announcement

Since E3, Final Fantasy fans have been over the moon with the news that finally, FINALLY, a Final Fantasy VII remake was in the works. Long considered one of the best Final Fantasy games, fans are excited to see the story of Cloud and his friends overcoming the evil Shinra corporation in shiny HD vision. […]

The 8 Most Anticipated Games of Christmas 2015

It’s now December, so you can officially put up your Christmas tree, belt out carols, and scoff mince pies without the guilt. After all, ‘tis the season. It’s also time to start thinking about all the games you’re hoping to find in your stocking (or Steam account) on Christmas morning. If you’re still not sure […]

Kotaku vs. Games Publishers: Who’s In The Right?

On the 19th November, Kotaku wrote a now hugely shared and publicized piece about how they were blacklisted by both Bethseda and Ubisoft. Most likely prompted by the release of Fallout 4, which Kotaku reviewed after release, unlike other gaming news sites, they described how, after sharing pieces of leaked information, they were cut off […]

In Defence of the ‘Smartphone Zombie’

It’s becoming a common complaint nowadays. Whenever you sit on a bus or train, there’s always people with their smartphone glued to their hand, glued to it for the whole journey. When you go out for a meal with friends, there’s always one who’s pulling their phone out of their pocket to check their emails […]

Fallout 4: The bugs, the bar and the smashed records

Even if you’re only vaguely connected to gaming culture, or even the internet in general, you’ll have heard about a little game called Fallout 4 hitting the stores this week. Possibly the most anticipated game of the year, Fallout 4 was released on Wednesday and has already smashed records, eaten up hours of gamers’ free […]

Nintendo Reveals Their First App Game – Miitomo

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that it was finally going to dip it’s collective toe into the world of mobile gaming. Gamers all over the world became excited, as the possibilities of their favourite Nintendo titles showing up on their phones were explored. Who wouldn’t want to play a Mario or Zelda game on the […]

Why DLC Isn’t As Evil As You Think It Is

DLC is almost a swear word amongst the gaming community, something that lazy game publishers roll out in order to squeeze some extra pennies from you and inject some extended play time into their games. When we’ve been faced with ridiculous DLC in the past, such as essentially useless horse armour in Oblivion, power ups […]

App Technology Making Exciting New Progress in Healthcare

It’s probably fair to say that most of us use our phone as handy little distraction machines,  perfect for killing a few minutes playing Candy Crush when waiting for a bus, or checking Whatsapp while waiting in line at the supermarket. However, developers have known that our phones are capable of a whole lot more […]

Lifeline: A New Twist on Familiar Storytelling

As an app game, Lifeline isn’t as showy as most, and probably wouldn’t be even looked at twice, due to it’s 79p charge up front and subdued colour palette in the app store. However, after a recommendation from a friend, we here at Dojit have tried the game and have discovered that it really is […]

People vs. Peeple

As an app, Peeple has proved to be highly controversial, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Last month, Canadian developers Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough announced their plans to create ‘Yelp for people’, a way of reviewing the people you come into contact with every day. The premise was, if you had the person’s […]

Twitch Plays: The Hive Mind of the Internet

Game streaming giant Twitch TV has been responsible for few innovations in the world of gaming, such as the growth of e sports broadcasting, and the live streaming of events from gaming conventions. However, there’s now a new innovation created entirely by the website’s user base, and it’s called ‘Twitch Plays’. It all started with […]

Do we ‘like’ the Facebook ‘dislike’ button?

Facebook users have been able to send a thumbs up in the form of a ‘like’ to other users posts for a while now, but in a recent Q&A at Facebook headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social media site are finally working on a ‘dislike’ button. Zuckerberg said that the button will allow users […]

Peeking, Poking, and Pencils: What Apple Has In Store for the Future

Lovers of Apple technology were watching closely at the company’s September event, to see what new innovations they’d be bringing to their already sizeable family of products. At the keynote speech, some new products were announced, as well as some upgrades and some surprises. Here we’ve rounded up just what was announced, and what you […]

Disney Harness the Power of Unboxing With Their Own Star Wars Live Stream

Last week to prepare for Force Friday, Disney hosted a special live streaming event on Youtube. Spanning 15 locations around the globe in 18 hours, specially chosen guests were selected to reveal and unbox the newest toys in the Star Wars franchise, ready for the release of The Force Awakens in December. In every location, […]

Lego Dimensions: Kid’s Favourite or Adult Nostalgia Trip?

Any Lego fans reading this are probably aware that on September 29th, Lego Dimensions will be released and all hell will break loose. At any rate, a lot of people are going to throw a lot of their hard earned cash at it. Why has a new Lego game caused so much excitement? It’s because […]

Fallout Shelter Brings New Ideas to Game Marketing

Bethseda delighted all their fans by announcing that Fallout 4 was in production, just before E3 this year. They also announced a Fallout themed app game, named Fallout Shelter. The app came as a welcome surprise, letting fans get their Fallout fix while they wait for the next installment to be released in November. Fallout […]

Is Angry Birds 2 Really a Shameless Freemium Cash Grab?

Angry Birds was the mobile app sensation back in 2009. It exploded onto the app scene and captured the imaginations and free time of gamers forever, spawning many spin off games (including Star Wars, Rio, and Transformers versions), a merchandising empire, and even a theme park. There was a time in the early 2010’s where […]

Hunting the Hoots: Testing The Big Hoot App

If you live in Birmingham, you’ve probably spotted the giant, colourful owls that have descended upon the city. They’re everywhere, from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, to Cadbury World, and the Custard Factory, just to name a few. The parliament of owls have been designed for The Big Hoot, a city wide art trail […]

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Indie Classic or Cash Grab?

Horror fans were surprised a couple of weeks ago when Scott Cawthorn released the latest iteration of of his famous Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. All teasers before the game was released were indicating a Halloween release for the game, and a later announcement stated that the release date was […]

Is The Ouya Dead?

This week Julie Uhrman, CEO of embittered games console company Ouya, has resigned from her post. In a series of tweets, she thanked the people she had worked with, and revealed that Razer have bought out the company. ‘Can’t wait to see what you do ‘ she said to them, ‘Take care of my incredible […]

Can Medical Apps Replace Doctors?

Technology has revolutionised the way we access healthcare globally. If we want to book an appointment with our GP, we can simply do so online. We can buy fitness and health tracking apps and hardware that help us keep tabs on our health goals. The NHS has got involved with their NHS Choices site, which […]

PewDiePie: Overpaid Ranter Or The New Face of Entertainment?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellburg. Once a humble college student, he discovered he had a knack for entertaining people by playing video games and providing his own brand of colourful commentary online, and now he’s worth roughly £4.8 million. When the sum was revealed, there was an […]


Is Modding It’s Own Reward?

The Steam ‘paid mods’ controversy a few weeks ago, to the untrained eye, was unexpected. Steam quite reasonable expected players to pay for mods that had been made by the service’s talented and enthusiastic mod community. However, when the service was rolled out, The community that was used to mods being freely available complained, loudly. […]

Are Youtube Set To Beat Twitch At Their Own Game?

With all the fanfare and hype coming from E3 two weeks ago, it would have been easy to miss what actually be one of the most important news stories in gaming this year. Video service giant Youtube is looking, sources say, to create it’s own games streaming service to rival gamers’ favourite Twitch.tv. Twitch has […]

Where Were The Original Mobile Games At E3?

Anyone who was following this year’s E3 news would have noticed that a handful of mobile game apps were announced alongside the console and PC titles. Exciting news for mobile gaming fans, but the eagle eyed would have noticed that nearly every game announced was based on a previous, successful gaming franchise. In fact, the […]

E3 2015 News Roundup

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo has been a highly exciting affair, with the two main players, Sony and Microsoft, looking to one-up each other as per usual. This year they’ve really upped their game and have announced some highly exciting and long awaited news. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about what came […]

‘Gossip’ App Pulled In France: Do Apps Encourage Cyberbullies?

The popular teenage app ‘Gossip’ was pulled from sale in France recently, due to public outcry. The app allowed users to spread rumours and gossip, as the name suggests. Users could write short posts about other people, or post photos as ‘proof’. The posts would last for 10 seconds before becoming inaccessible. Commenters compared the […]

The Boy’s Club: What The FIFA 16 Backlash Means For Gaming

It’s fair to say that FIFA hasn’t been having a good time of it lately. If it wasn’t bad enough that the football association was going through a massive corruption scandal, leading to the resignation of chairman Sepp Blatter, there was also an announcement about the latest FIFA game title, FIFA 16, that caused outrage. […]

Is The National Video Game Arcade The Future Of Arcades?

When we think of the arcades we visited in the distant past, we think of dark, slightly grotty end of pier type buildings, full of old game cabinets that may or may not have been working, and cabinets full of dubious prizes. The people behind the newly opened National Videogame Arcade are looking to change […]

The Dimension Drive Kickstarter Troll and the Dangers of Crowdfunding

Indie developer 2Awesome Studios hit the news recently with their Kickstarter campaign for Dimension Drive. The game, a sci fi themed shooter with an emphasis on teleportation, had been gaining some good press online and fundraising had been going well. At the last moment, the campaign received a €7,000 pledge from a mysterious donator, only […]

The Must Play Game of Summer 2015

2015 has already been a great year for game releases. We’ve seen highly anticipated Triple A titles such as Bloodborne released to critical acclaim, as well as smaller, indie titles such as Life Is Strange and Hotline Miami 2 gaining good reviews too. The trend for remaking games continues unabated, with Grim Fandango leading the […]

There Was A Game Here, It’s Gone Now: The Cancellation Of Silent Hills

As all survival horror fans know by now, the much anticipated Silent Hills has been officially cancelled. Assistant director Guillermo Del Toro stated that the game had been cancelled at a San Francisco Film Society event, and star Norman Reedus backed him up on Twitter the next day. The game’s playable demo, P.T., was removed […]

Generate targeted push notifications to each player

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am, so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

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Our solution allows developers to create and manage a push notification solutions targeted at individual players. We provide plugins for both Unity and HTML5 builds. Management of the service is done online, so you have totally control.

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a venture creation BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Programme which is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards an honours degree with the opportunity to start their own business in a supported environment with guidance from specialist lecturers, practising entrepreneurs and mentors.

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