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The Atari ET Cartridge Burial: From Myth to History

As with the tales of the Madden curse and government experiments conducted through Polybius machines, it was easy to dismiss the tales of thousands of ET Atari 2600 cartridges buried in the desert as another urban myth. In a bizarre twist of fate however, the games were recently dug up in Alamogordo, New Mexico, as […]

The Buzz about E3 2014

The E3 Expo is set to begin on June 10th this year in Los Angeles, and as usual the internet is full of buzz and rumours about what will be announced this year. After 2013’s reveals of the PS4 and Xbox One, it seems that the game companies involved are focusing on revealing the new […]

eSports: The Rise of Competitive Gaming

When one thinks of an athlete, the image that comes to mind is usually not a gamer sitting at their PC. However, the face of sports is changing with the rise of eSports. eSports league Major League Gaming (MLG) has signed up to compete at X Games Austin next month, marking the first time eSports […]

Teaching, Co-operation and Pop Music: The Legacy of Minecraft

Minecraft is the unlikeliest of gaming smash hits. There’s no guns, the graphics are purposefully low tech, and players are actively encouraged to work together. It sounds like something that should have remained a niche title, but instead has exploded into popular culture. What was a small indie hit has become a merchandising monster, with […]

Protein Folding, Surgery, and Apps – Health Care in Gaming

Anyone who gamed as a child will probably remember being dragged away from their screens at some point, usually with the admonishment that ‘You’ll hurt your eyes, staring at that!’ As of lately though, games and technology have been made that are actually designed to improve our health. Will gaming, finally, actually be good for […]

Voice Control: The Future of Casual Gaming?

Do casual games need more voice control? This is the question that Casual Connect recently posed. It can’t be denied that casual gaming has become a massive phenomenon, with titles such as Farmville and v gaining huge popularity and generating even huger amounts of cash. This style of gaming is gaining more attention in both […]

PS4 or Xbox One? Even Sheldon Can’t Decide

Both the Xbox One and the PS4 have been available since November last year, and have predictably become huge successes. The war to be named the ‘best’ console rages on, however. There are thousands of pages of online debate on the subject, and even Sheldon in a recent Big Bang Theory episode faces the difficult […]

From Kickstarter to Social Media: Facebook buys Oculus VR

Only a couple of weeks ago, we were pondering Facebook and just why they buy up so many different companies and products, after their massive Whatsapp acquisition. Now just over a month later, the social media giant has bought up Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift. This latest purchase seems like an extremely […]

King’s IPO: Not So Sweet After All

Games studio King, the makers of the all consuming Candy Crush Saga, began its Initial Public Offering on the Stock Market last Wednesday. Shares were valued at $21 to $24 each, valuing the company at around $7.6 billion. This IPO comes after King filed to trademark the word ‘candy’, a move which angered many gamers […]

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Don’t forget to notify?

If you have spent months  drafting out your latest marketing campaign and carefully choosing the perfect and most incisive language to draw your customer in to the merits of your company, there is nothing more deflating than your e-mail being unceremoniously overlooked by the intended viewer. Our latest additions are: Developer Defined Variables : We have […]

Flashing the cash: What are Facebook doing with their acquisitions?

Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp in February had everybody speculating on what plans the social media behemoth had for the popular app. At Mobile World Congress, Mark Zuckerberg began to lay out just some of the ideas they had in store. However, Whatsapp isn’t the only app that Facebook have bought out in recent […]

5G, Call Encryption and Smart Suitcases: The News from CeBit

With Mobile World Congress done and dusted, it’s now time to turn our attentions to CeBit 2014. Taking place this year just outside Hanover, Germany, what exciting developments are being announced there? Datability and 5G internet CeBit was opened on Monday by David Cameron and Angela Merkel. Cameron wasted no time in getting things started […]

App News from Mobile World Congress

After Mobile World Congress last week, there’s been lots of news coming out about the brand new apps that were announced at the exhibition. Today we’re going to round up some of the best and most exciting ones we’ve heard about. CamMe ‘selfie’ app wins Most Innovative App award Israeli company Pointgrab took the prize […]

Whatsapp, Kazam and the HTC One: The News from Mobile World Congress 2014

Mobile World Congress yesterday wrapped up it’s 2014 exhibition. With such huge amounts of news coming out of Barcelona, what were the most important things to take away from it? Mark Zuckerberg explains Facebook’s $1.9 billion purchase of Whatsapp During Zuckerberg’s much anticipated keynote speech, he spoke about his recent acquisition of the wildly popular […]

Is gaming TV dead?

When ‘gaming TV’ is mentioned, the mental image we all conjure up is of a desperately naff looking game show on a forgotten cable channel, something that doesn’t get shown any more as no one’s interested. Gaming TV as we know it has died out on regular TV, but why did that happen, and what’s […]

The Best Role-Playing Games on Tablet

I am going to discuss about the best role playing games available on tablet. The first RPG game I want to talk about is a app that is available on the app store, called Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is a RPG game that has console quality graphics and is visually stunning to any player. As […]

We Test Valentine’s Day Apps

With today being the fabled Day of Love, we thought we’d go investigating on the app stores to find what romantically themed apps are out there at the moment. Surprisingly, most apps seemed to be live wallpapers and downloads of that ilk, but there were some games hiding in the list. Bubble Blast Valentines Bubble […]

A Casual Casualty: Flappy Bird

Just as Icarus’ portentousness resulted in death, Flappy Bird, the hugely popular casual game from Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen, seems to have flown to close to the sun. Hastily removed from both Google Play and Apple stores yesterday night following a Twitter announcement in which its creator accused the game of “ruining his life”, it […]

Social Media and Gaming

With 1.2 billion users registered on Facebook, and over 600,000,000 registered Twitter users, it’s rare to find someone who isn’t connected to a social network in some way. We share everything on there, from photos and comments to what we’re watching, reading, and even eating. Oddly though, we don’t seem to be sharing what we’re […]

What’s Happening at Mobile World Congress 2014

This February thousands of visitors will descend on Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress exhibition. Billed as the ‘world’s premier mobile industry event’, the exhibition offers those in the industry a chance to catch a glimpse of the future of mobile technology and software and attend talks by professionals in the field, as well as […]

The PS4 Share Button: Innovation or Fad?

The PS4 enjoyed much positive press when it was announced, as it promised a whole slew of new titles and anticipated sequels. The one feature that had people perplexed though, was the newly introduced ‘share’ button. Many gamers were less than enthusiastic about being able to hit a button and tell the world what they […]

Viral Marketing and Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming apps are somewhat of an odd beast when it comes to marketing. Most developers don’t have the manpower or the budget to create high visibility publicity campaigns for them, but at the same time creating a well tuned and fun game, and hoping it gets noticed on the Apple and Android app stores […]

Has Augmented Reality become Reality?

When it comes to augmented reality it can be debated whether this is a revolutionary software in today’s society. There are many defining apps that can be assessed in relation to its experience in the real world. The first experience I am going to talk about is an app made by Google called Ingress which […]

‘Appy New Year!

Infected as we all are with the January Blues, it’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago it was Christmas Eve. The one day of the year where all of the anticipation gets too much for eager children awaiting Santa’s arrival and all culminates in the most restless sleep of the year. Well, that’s […]

Triple A Free to Play

Free to play games have been traditionally found on mobile and online platforms, favoured by smaller developers. They’re often seen as the easier, casual alternative to mainstream gaming, the mainstay of mums and bored commuters everywhere. However, the market is now being explored by the Triple A development community, with interesting results. The idea of […]

Game Trends:Our Top 5

There are many game trends in today’s society that are changing the way gaming works. Below, I am going to discuss the top five game trends that I feel will the change the way gaming works. 5 Motion and Voice Controls The first trend I am going to discuss about is motion controls. I feel […]

Second Screens, Consoles and Candies: 2013 in Mobile Gaming

Well, what a year it’s been. As we get ready to don our party hats and ring in 2014 around the world, it’s worth looking back over the events of the last year. 2013 was, in many ways, mobile gaming’s year. What happened, and how will it affect the industry in 2014? Snapchat turn down […]

We Test Free Christmas Apps

With only five days to go until Christmas day, hopefully you’ve finished your Christmas shopping and preparations and are now relaxing with a mince pie, ideally in front of a roaring fire. What to do to while away the time until the big day, though? You’ve probably seen all the Christmas movies currently on TV […]

The Xbox One/PS4 Battle: What’s Next?

At the time of publication, both the Xbox One and the PS4 will have been released in the UK. We at Dojit have already discussed the PS4 release in the US, but what does the release of the next gen consoles mean to gamers now, and what can they look forward to with their new […]

Come and meet the Dojit team….

Dojit Games are excited to be visiting the West Midlands Cloud, Data and Smart Mobility Event on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November this week. Dojit will be available to meet on both days and welcomes any ambitious game designers or companies who are interested in our services. About the Event? The West Midlands Cloud, […]

Data and Game Development

On the 28th November, Birmingham will play host to the Cloud, Data and Smart Mobility Expo. It will form part of GLOBAL Big Data Festival and Entrepreneur Week, an event that spans 25 cities and over 10,000 participants. Dojit will be there, alongside many others interested in learning about new technology and how it can […]

Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s App Battle

Coinciding with the release of two hotly-anticipated next generation consoles, Sony’s Playstation 4 (already available in the U.S and launching here on Friday) and Microsoft’s Xbox One, debuting today across the globe, both companies have created companion mobile phone apps with the aim of further enhancing game play and gaming experience. Respectively entitled the Playstation […]

PS4 Released in the US

Image credit: Getty Images Last Friday, the 15th November, the highly anticipated PS4 finally arrived on US shores. Lucky fan Joey Chiu of Brooklyn, New York, was the first to be able to purchase the new console, which was sold to him by Sony executives Andy House and Jack Tretton. Fans who’d braved the cold […]

Apple’s iBeacon in Action

Apple’s September launch of iOS7 may have set the hearts of the tech faithful racing and clogged up your social media feed, but one of its key features has yet to come to full fruition: the iBeacon. As I mentioned in my article The Power of Push, the delicious new fruit of Apple’s labours is […]

Why You Should Watch Desert Bus For Hope

For around a week every November, Canadian sketch comedy troupe Loading Ready Run launch into a round the clock gaming marathon called Desert Bus For Hope, complete with challenges, dancing, singing, and lots of silly hats. The whole thing is broadcast live on their website and raises money for gaming charity Child’s Play, who distribute […]

The Trends of Top 5 Apps

The sheer abundance of applications vying for attention and selection on the App Store and Google Play is enough to make the aspiring app developer keel over in horror at the prospect of attempting to make it big in such a massive, and often unforgiving, market. Yet, a quick scaling of the top 5 most […]

Anita Sarkeesian vs. Sexists

Anyone connected to the gaming world will remember the online uproar that happened when Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter to fund her video series, ‘Tropes vs. Women’, which explores female roles in gaming. As most would agree, the idea is fairly innocuous, but the bile that poured forth from a subsection of the gaming community […]

‘The Golden Quarter’ and the Apps Market

‘The Golden Quarter’ is the time of year where companies worldwide begin to make the most profit. In the US and Canada, the Golden Quarter is also known as the Christmas Creep, as companies rely on customers shopping for Christmas to boost their sales. Traditionally, the quarter begins on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving […]

Clash of the Tech Titans

With a rivalry that closely resembles the fierce and brutal nature of Muhammad Ali’s legendary tussles with Joe Frazier or the bitter, ego-fuelled mutual loathing of warring Hollywood starlets, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, the eternal battle between Apple and Google rages on. Teasing tech-lovers with small glimpses and snippets of its latest operating system, […]

PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Rundown

With the release of both the PS4 and the Xbox One just around the corner, we thought it would be worth rounding up all the facts for those who haven’t yet decided where their console loyalties lie. If you’re ready and waiting with your tent and thermals, camping out outside your local game store, let […]

Dojit-Notify October Update

In this October update we have added a number of features, including updating both the Unity and PhoneGap plugins, so don’t forget to update your plugins. Developer Defined Variables : We have been asked by many App and game developers to increase the number of developer defined app variables. So we have. This mean you […]

The ‘Let’s Play’ Phenomenon

Any gamer fan who spends time on Youtube will be well aware of the ‘Let’s Play’ phenomenon. Let’s Play videos are usually recordings of segments of gameplay footage,  accompanied by audio commentary by the player in real time. Sometimes, they can also include video footage of the player as well, usually to capture reactions (this […]

Games: The Moulders of Minds?

Due to their links with American high-school massacres, pre-meditated murder cases and a recent robbery that culminated in the theft of the victim’s copy of the best-selling Grand Theft Auto: V, video games have always attracted a magnitude of bad press. Yet, in some cases, the attributing of violent atrocities to aggressive and graphic console […]

What’s Wrong with the App Market?

In the few short years since both the Apple and Android app stores have been around, we’ve seen a huge increase in what is now on offer for phones and tablets. With innovative new games and apps released daily, the user is spoilt for choice. With the Apple App Store recently hitting it’s 50 billionth […]

Visit The Gallery Today!

Catering for the customer and developer in equal measure, the internationally-renowned iPhone Apps Gallery is the website of choice for application lovers everywhere. Boasting a substantial catalogue of applications, elegantly divided into categories such as ‘Sports’, ‘Social Networking’ and ‘Entertainment’, the site’s wealth of knowledgeable and tech-savvy writers review and rate the latest mobile releases […]

PS4 and Xbox One Praised at Tokyo Game Show

Recently a poll was conducted at the Tokyo Game Show, where attendees were able to try out the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The results were published in the Weekly Famitsu, showing that the Japanese gaming public were excited over the release of the PS4. The poll shows, as Kotaku reports, that gamers praised […]

The Innovators of Appsworld

Appsworld, the leading multi platform developer’s event, is now in it’s fourth year. On the 22nd and 23rd of October, the event will host luminaries of the industry, such as Steve Wozniak, the co founder of Apple, and Trip Hawkins, the founder of EA. It promises to be an essential gathering for experienced and new […]

Are Games Really That Interactive?

The introduction of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move signalled a new era for video gaming. This suave new technology sought to improve player interaction with the games on their television screen, trading in the traditional controller for a highly sensitive sensory system that allowed the real-world movements of players to manifest themselves […]

Generate targeted push notifications to each player

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am, so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

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A large set of data collections points to trigger personalised notifications

Our solution allows developers to create and manage a push notification solutions targeted at individual players. We provide plugins for both Unity and HTML5 builds. Management of the service is done online, so you have totally control.

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BA(Hons) Entrepreneurship

a venture creation BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Programme which is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards an honours degree with the opportunity to start their own business in a supported environment with guidance from specialist lecturers, practising entrepreneurs and mentors.

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