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A New Era of Gaming: The Steam Machine

Back in September, Valve announced their living room gaming system, the Steam Machine, colloquially called the Steam Box, to the world. There was much excitement (and some upset over the fact they didn’t take the opportunity to announce Half Life 3), and with good reason. Here’s the rundown: It’s a new challenger The console gaming […]

The Growing Intelligence of Apps

If the invention of Apple and Android’s ‘automated personal assistants’ (the respective iBeacon and Google Now) and the burgeoning usage of push technology (see Dojit-notify) are anything to go by, we really are, as a recent Urban Airship report suggests, ‘moving into an age of hyper-personalised media.’ Whilst this revelation may be influencing some wayward […]

Launch Conference Student Developers Prize

dojit notify allows developers to create and manage messages targeted at individual players based on defined set of rules. The online service with application plugin is easy to setup and has a simple monthly subscription. We believe this is a unique service which all game and application designers would use to generate  their own successful […]

LAUNCH Future Gaming and Digital conference

LAUNCH Future Gaming and Digital conference 21st – 22nd November 2013   Dojit will have a stand at Launch 2013   LAUNCH: Future Gaming & Digital Conference is the leading two day industry focused conference in the Midlands for indie developers. The line up features expert speakers and demonstrations from the games industry for nearly […]

Chicken Strike Game: Out Now!

Dojit’s new game, Chicken Strike Game, is now available on iOS and Android! Mr Farmer’s farm is in danger, and it’s up to you to save it! The chickens have gone on strike, and just to add insult to injury, are now throwing all their precious eggs out of the barn window! Using the tilt […]

Secrets of a Successful App

Creating a successful and profitable mobile phone application can be a daunting prospect, owing to the sheer magnitude and vastness of this market, with a choice of over 900,000 apps now available on iOS alone. This collection, which ranges from the downright silliness of the juvenile iFart to the sublime concept of sophisticated to-do-list, Clear, […]

New Report Gets Tough On Developers

After embarking on an investigation into the mechanics and trends of 38 child-orientated mobile applications earlier this year, motivated by the startling statistic that the game-playing experiences and subsequent in-app purchases of children cost their parents on average £30 million per month ,UK watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), has published a report on […]

The Text Game: A Forgotten Language

In an industry forever striving to create realistic graphics that faithfully capture the human form and formulate games that translate our real-world movements into in-game actions (Nintendo’s Wii, Xbox’s Kinect et al), this obsession with visual and physical mimesis could prove to be the death knoll to those in possession of a creative mindset. Although […]

The Humble Bundle: A Potted History

Since 2010, Humble Bundles have been sold online in their millions, offering a huge variety of games to players and raising huge amounts of money for thirteen different charities. The Bundles have offered a new way of buying games, creating a platform for smaller titles and giving PC gaming a much needed boost. What is […]

The Power of Push

After months of drafting out your latest marketing campaign and carefully choosing the perfect and most incisive language to draw your customer in to the merits of your company, there is nothing more deflating than your e-mail being unceremoniously overlooked by the intended viewer. Or, if you happen to inadvertently target the savvier consumer within […]

Push Notifications Services and Your Customers

In the last few years, the mobile app market has exploded.  As of June 2013, it is estimated that 900,000 apps populate the Apple App Store. With such a vast amount of apps to choose from, how is a customer to choose which one to download? Once they’ve decided on your app, how do you […]

Getting the Most out of Push Notifications

Push notifications are fast becoming an integral part of the mobile app market. They are instant notifications about an app or game that are sent directly to a user’s phone, allowing them to instantly respond to the alert. Push notifications can be used for a variety of things, such as alerts about a nearby fast […]

The Controversy of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released on September 16th to mass excitement, lines of people waiting at game shops for midnight openings, and piles of articles and reports deploring the game’s violent image. With this fifth installment, the outrage is nothing new to GTA fans, but do the anti GTA campaigners have a point? This […]

The New iPhone 5S/5C Is A Game-changer

It’s that time of the year again – that big Apple announcement that the whole tech world and Apple fans worldwide has been speculating and anticipating for months. Instead of rolling out a new exciting gadget which is believed to be much needed for Apple to reclaim its throne, the tech giant introduced a more […]

Is 3D Gaming Dead?

Over the last few years, marketers have had another stab at popularizing 3D technology in films, TV, and most recently gaming. While 3D films in cinemas show no signs of going away any time soon, 3D gaming is another matter. The best example is the Nintendo 3DS. Hailed as a technical marvel when it was […]

Dan’s Top Three Mobile Games

A concise run-down of three of my favourite mobile games and apps, unpicking the qualities that set these choices apart from the remainder of the burgeoning and saturated mobile gaming market.   Temple Run Developed and released by Imangi Studios in 2011, Temple Run soon became a synonym for addictive. A game based on the […]

dojit-notify : what problem does it solve?

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am,  so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 […]

The Return of the Kings of War Games and Hip-Hop

With less than three months away from its release, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” dropped a trailer last week and the buzz continued to grow around one of this year’s biggest game event. Two special collector’s editions are available for loyal fans to celebrate its 10th instalment. They include a range of extra digital content and a […]

New to the world of notification services – Dojit-Notify

Dojit-Notify – Give your apps a push!   Player engagement, audience retention, user insights, notification services… If you’re an app dev you’ll be familiar with these terms and how they can cause frustration at the best of times. After spending months or even years developing an app, what you want most is to have it […]

A New Generation of Gamers

More than 20 years ago, gaming involved sending Mario on a mission to rescue Princess Peach or juggling colour blocks in “Tetris” on Nintendo’s Gameboy. In 1994, Sony released its first generation of PlayStation which transformed the gaming experience and began targeting older audience. Then Microsoft and Nintendo joined in the power battle by creating […]

Run, Swim, Fly – A new free game for Android and IOS

  “Run, Swim, Fly”   Have you heard of Temple Run, Canabalt, Agent Dash or Jetpack Joyride? These are just a small few of the addicting endless runner games out right now. Millions of people are playing these kinds of games on their smartphones & tablets, with Temple Run alone earning over 170 million downloads! […]

dojit notify

game push notification strategy

The majority of game developers just about create a marketing plan, so developing a game push notification strategy is just one step too far. why should you? There are two reasons: player retention and monetization. The app stores have hundreds of thousands of games, with thousands coming onto the store every day. So the first […]

Morning Gamers!

Our recent study has shown that gamers like to play our mobile games between 7 and 10am in the morning. This would make sense as the morning commute to the work or school is a pretty boring one, what better way to kill time by playing a quick mobile game to get the brain and […]

Develop in Brighton Round Up.

Develop wrapped up on the 12th and you would say it was a success. With many key people from the industry attending and gathering here in the UK, giving information packed keynotes. We picked out a few stand out keynotes that were uploaded onto the develop Youtube page which we will imbed in this post. Mark […]

PlayStation First Program.

Sony is really going after the hearts of developers. They made a good start in February when they announced the PS4 and said how developer friendly the PlayStation4 will be compared to its predecessor. Then at E3 they really went after the indie developers with gaming them space and time to be shown at the […]


This years Gamescom will kick off on 21st of August. Europe has got its games conference we’ve always wanted, yet not as glamorous and or has media frenzy as E3 in LA, it still will see the big three in industry show up. Gamescom opens open to trade and the general public, which E3 has […]

Evolve in Brighton

The popular Evolve in Brighton conference returns on July 9th. Evolve is part of the Develop in Brighton conference that has been hugely successful since it started in 2006, it is a conference for both indie and established developers. Learning about markets, new technology, platforms and game development. The conference also covers a business, coding, […]

Share your HomeBear adventure and stories

Have you had awesome adventures with HomeBear? We would like you to share your HomeBear adventure and stories! Take a screenshot on your device and post it on Facebook or send a tweet to HomeBear . You could see your story posted on our website and in a video on Youtube if all of you […]

Next Generation of Developers.

We here at Dojit had the pleasure of having Joss Harris, 22, a young and upcoming developer from Worcester, working for us for two months He has worked on Totally Milkshake, Home Bear and our new game coming soon, Chicken Strike. We interviewed Joss on his experience’s working with dojit and asked about him about […]

Developer Survey

At dojit we are always looking to see how we work and cooperate with other developers, so please take three minutes to complete this to help us move forward. Thanks

Video Games in the UK

The UK has a rich history in the Video game industry. We have successful game studios throughout the UK who have put out successful games like the Fable series at Lionhead Studios, the ever popular Football Manager management sim from Sports Interactive and Epic Monkey 2: The Power of Two from Blitz Game Studio. But […]

Social Media in Gaming Industry

Questions is, does Social Media in Gaming Industry have any influence ? We earlier reported on DRM and its positives and negatives for the industry. Looks like the hashtag campaigned worked… A few days ago, Microsoft announced that they are changes its DRM policies. In other words, doing a complete 180 on what they told us is […]

Indie Games

First of all, what are ‘Indie Games’?  They are small groups or individual game developers without the financial support of a video game publisher to create independent games. They work from home, basement, rent rooms or if lucky rented office space. Indie games started on PC back in the 1990’s, known as shareware. Which had […]

Totally Milkshake trailer is up!!

Check out the totally awesome trailer for our new game Totally Milkshake. Match all the correct ingredients if you can. Chase high scores and discover new shakes to try out!!

A New Experience – Working in the games industry

Hey there, Usman here! This is a new experience for me and you could say a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to work in the games industry in some capacity and now I have the chance. Dojit has given me the opportunity work as Marketing assistant and join a talented team to learn and […]

Dojit and MAXIME – Move for Change takes London!

Dojit recently went to MAXIME to take part in a games evaluation. A few students looked into our games and what we could do to improve interaction between our games and the real world, and ways to bring these two worlds together in games like Home Bear. They presented us with a lovely presentation and […]

DRM – Is This the Next Generation?

If you’ve been on Twitter recently or any number of gaming related forums you will most likely of heard of, looked into or at least seen the recently started #PS4noDRM campaign, which uses #Ps4noDRM and #PS4UsedGames to let Sony know, and other gamers know that they don’t want used DRM (Digital Rights Management) to be […]

An Indie Future. The Next Generation.

7 years. That’s how long the current console cycle has lasted. It ended with the release of the Wii U by Nintendo on 18th November, 2012. As far as current console releases go, November seems to be the month that will be locked down by Sony and Microsoft. Even Nintendo, with the Wii and the […]

How great are the Great British Games and the Great British Games Industry?

As a nation we love games or sports or both. We are world class at making them. Perhaps not playing them, in fact, you could argue that one of our greatest exports was and is games. Which then other countries take to heart and outshine us at – at every conceivable occasion. However, the spirit […]

Totally Milkshake Promo

Totally Totally with some Milkshake

In June we will be launching Totally Milkshake, our flavour-tastic  100 milkshake recipe game for Ipad, Iphone and loads of Android tablets. Totally Milkshake is the lip smacking new matching game from Dojit that’s sure to set your taste buds and gaming fingers ablaze. With its fantastic colours and fun game play this gem is sure to keep you […]

How do we make sure the uk economy doesn’t dip again?

A radical suggestion from a radical new industry job maker: Games. Good news it would seem as The Office for National Statistics released its first estimates for GDP yesterday today with experts saying the news should deliver a “psychological boost to consumers and businesses”. “Today’s figures are an encouraging sign the economy is healing,” said […]

Freedom’s / Freemium under threat. A nation divided.

Isn’t life hard enough for advanced digital manufactures’ already? For those companies making a difference, creating new pockets of innovation and making money for the country. Those “creatives” who act with decency and want to be getting a fair day’s wage for the work they have done. People working in industries like films, games and […]

Does the Future Of Mobile Games Lie With Publishers?

Or do publishers lie about the future of mobile games? Do we need a new type of mobile game publisher and is the age of DIY publishing dying out as the bigger boys enter the market place. These and many other thoughts we have been running over in our minds here at the dojit offices. […]

How a small number of Parents could stop Mobile Gaming

There is some dangerous rhetoric being bandied around – with ideas which if they are allowed to take off could ruin the very start of something wonderful which will make money for England. I am talking about how the mistakes of a small minority might make it impossible for creativity to blossom, how the irresponsible […]

Zynga Mobile – is this the next level of publisher?

As Jeffrey Grubb reports and recognises… “It’s hard to break through to gamers on mobile platforms. Thousands of games crowd the market, and it can cost a lot for an independent studio to acquire players.” Gee thanks for that… 😉 Not surprisingly, we have found this to be true, especially in new markets, like nonviolent […]

What game do we make next? The 64 million $ question.

What kind of game should a game developer make to give them a bigger chance of success? This is something we have been discussing in the dojit mobile game development offices. With a stable of games releases, a couple in the pipeline, and a lot of statistical analysis – is it possible to predict the […]

Freemium or Premium? That is the question… Or is it? Part Two

It is interesting that new research reported by Shane Schick shows offering virtual merchandise is a key monetization strategy for iPhone and iPad apps. Not the freemium model as previously thought. For a while now in the mobile / hand held gaming world (which for a very quickly changing world is not very long) we have […]

Freemium or premium? That is the question…or is it?

Mobile games for many years have been simply pastimes which came free on your mobile phone. Back in the day of WAP and Nokia, games like snake etc, where very basic graphically poor (rich in their environment) games came free with your phone. And so they were amazingly successful. The same is said for the […]

Generate targeted push notifications to each player

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am, so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

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A large set of data collections points to trigger personalised notifications

Our solution allows developers to create and manage a push notification solutions targeted at individual players. We provide plugins for both Unity and HTML5 builds. Management of the service is done online, so you have totally control.

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BA(Hons) Entrepreneurship

a venture creation BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Programme which is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards an honours degree with the opportunity to start their own business in a supported environment with guidance from specialist lecturers, practising entrepreneurs and mentors.

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