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One game or many? The dangers of backing one horse…

With the Grand National just gone, here at dojit we have been thinking about betting and risk. Not betting and gambling, both huge growth areas for mobile phone games, but about how launching a mobile games development house is a bit of a risk. And how perhaps we could all think about this risk. Is […]

How social is mobile gaming? How mobile is social?

Sitting on the train going to the next station you see lots of people of all ages on their mobile phones, on their smart phones, probably on mobile apps, most probably playing games. But how many of them are still playing free mobile games which are social in nature? How many more invites to FarmVille […]

Mobile Web is Dead… Long Live the Mobile Web…

In the world of statistical information (and often economics) a certain gentlemen called “Pareto” is often king. His simple analysis findings that 80% of something is often owned or done by 20% of another became a thing of legend. You will wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, apparently. 80% of your income will […]

New Home Bear Spring available NOW for FREE

We are pleased to annonce that our new game Home Bear Spring is available for free in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. So just try it is so fun,cool and made for kids and every one who love cute things. O no! Home Bear is lost and it’s up to you to […]

Dojit Blog about Ian Livingstone speech Part 2.

Seeing Ian Livingston was a revelation for me personally. It was the catalyst to me wanting to join dojit games and make a dent in the universe. To do something positive, to create games which add value, which teach things, which change the world and mind of the player – even if only for a […]

Dojit Blog about Ian Livingstone speech: Part 1.

It was interesting to hear the man speak. To some his books became the gamifaction of literature (Fighting Fantasy) to others he was responsible for their high school crush on a computer game (with Lara Croft) and to those even older – he was the reason they may have got dressed up as a wizard […]

Soccer Zillionaire receives rave reviews

Soccer Zillionaire is proving a huge hit with fans and is already received mass appeal on both the app store and on google play. The brand new game from Dojit has only be available less than a week and already has received many downloads and plenty of positive feedback.  The soccer game, which is an ingenius mix of soccer and […]

Soccer Zillionaire and Home Bear available for free

It’s March Madness here at Dojit Games as we are offering two exciting games, Home Bear classic and the brand new Soccer Zillionaire for free to all android devices throughout the month of March. Download soccer zillionaire and manage a team to glory against your friends in this thrilling hybrid of sport and board game and download […]

Soccer Zillionaire available for download

Dojit are proud to announce that anticipated family fun game Soccer Zillionaire has been released on google play and on the app store. Combined with a brand new eye-catching logo the hybrid of sports and board games is finally be available for download and enjoyed by soccer and board game fans of all ages. Soccer Zillionaire gives players the […]

Announcement: We are a Famigo approved game !

The dojit office is jumping up and down the walls today as we have some great news to tell you. Home Bear is a Famigo approved game. What is Famigo? I can see you are about to ask next from all those puzzled faces. http://www.famigo.com/ is a website designed for parents that lets them discover mobile […]

Graffiti in the office!

A surprise was in store for the dojit team when we came into the office in the morning. The blank wall that usually greets us was transformed into a colourful dojit graffiti tag. The talented Oliver Miles managed to change the usually boring looking into office to an eye catching art piece. To see how it […]

Something to play during half-term

It’s half term for a lot of kids in the UK right now which usually means having lie ins til the afternoon, annoying your parents and no homework for a week! It also means getting lots of spare time on your hands, so why don’t you grab a great game and help Home Bear find […]

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: North City

Today is the final instalment of our behind the soccer zillionaire teams feature. Last but certainly not least is North City, with a bad reputation, are they just too hard to manage or is it all just act? North City North City is a club that brings fear to anyone that hears their name, known […]

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Invaders

Throughout the week we are looking at the story behind the teams of dojit’s upcoming Soccer Zillionaire, the soccer/boardgame hybrid. Today we are going to focus on ‘The Invaders who have a star on their team but are the other players happy about this?   The Invaders   ‘Another goal scored by the amazing Tristan […]

Kingston University

inKUbator Games Studio

On Wednesday 13th February,  dojit’s CEO was talking to students at inKUbator Games Studio within Kingston University. The university has numerous courses, Games Development MA/MSC and Games technology BSC students. I met the students in the inKUbator Games Studio which seats around 60 students and was impressed by the number who were creating real games. These were working in teams to […]

Home Bear: Valentine’s Day Special

We are feeling all loved up at dojit games today as Valentine’s Day approaches tomorrow. Have you bought your loved one a present or are you feeling a little lonely ? Well dojit has the answer to your problems, we are sharing the love with the Home Bear Valentines Update. Move through the clouds in […]

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Blizzards

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about […]

Mobile Monday Birmingham

Mobile Monday Birmingham Business Apps

Hi, Last monday, dojit’s CEO hosted Mobile Monday Birmingham at Birmingham Science Park. The theme was Business Applications and attracted five amazing speakers. James Pursey – Co-Founder – Sales & Marketing Director – Sorted Ian Weatherhogg – Chief Technical Officer –  Refractiv Felix Clark – Co-Counder – theappsworks Andrew Steele – Product Manager, Journey Planning – Jeppesen, A Boeing Company David Gill – […]

Behind The Soccer Zillionaire Teams: The Bull Stars

Throughout the week we are going to post information about the different soccer teams that are in dojit’s upcoming game Soccer Zillionaire. Find out and discover the stories behind the teams and how it is your job to help them so you can become the ultimate Soccer Zillionaire. Today we are going to talk about […]

UPDATE: Soccer Zillionaire

We are happy to announce that Soccer Zillionaire will be released in the next couple of weeks. We have designed a new logo that will be sure to stand out on the Apple and Google Play Store. Soccer has just got more exciting in this new hybrid of sports and board games. You now have the […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Home Bear Discount Weekend

For a limited time only, Home Bear will drop its price to £0.69 from Friday 25th January – Sunday 27th January. Join the cuddly bear on his adventures and you get a variety of worlds to explore from dream land to the enchanted forest with hundreds of levels spread across them. So for this incredible […]

Home Bear Game - our loveable bear

Home Bear Game Wallpapers

At dojit games we love to share. So ready for the new Home Bear Game we are providing new wallpaper designs every day before Christmas 2012. So take a look at our new bear-tastic free download game based wallpapers which can be found at www.home-bear.com/downloads .  These are ideal for having as the background phones […]

What can Home Bear teach you?

  At dojit games we want to make games for kids who love to develop new skills, so in our first game, Home Bear we have made some great opportunities for children.   Solving Puzzles By using a selection of cute and vibrant items on Home Bear’s journey, items such as the balloon that allows […]

Home Bear – A Kid Friendly Game

  At dojit we know everyone likes Bears, especially cuddly teddy bears. So we had to build a bear, Home Bear, so that everyone can love bears too. So how have we done this? Game Play – The game starts with easy to complete tutorial levels which are based on a Dream World. Here you […]

Beta Testing with a Home Bear

Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, the shops are full of bright and shiny gifts to buy our family, friends and children. Yet Home Bear Game is slowly moving towards a launch on Android and Apple devices before Christmas. Home Bear Game has been developed for kids, especially those who want a game which […]

Soccer Zillionaire Update!

The release of Soccer Zillionaire is zooming closer and closer. There are now only a few touch ups before the game comes shooting to a device near you. Exciting times! And for all you lucky devils out there, here is a quick beta shot of the game…*drum roll*     As previously mentioned the game […]

Totally Milkshake update

Over a hundred different milkshakes have been listed on the website, every yummy combination imaginable (and unimaginable) is just a click away! From the strange peanut butter and jelly American special, to the classic triple chocolate masterpiece. Vanilla, chocolate chip, blue berry, even pumpkin pie and coffee flavors! Indulgent Chocolate, healthy fruit and Sweets heaven […]

Startup Builder

At this time of year many young people are coming together at School, College and University for the start of the new academic year. So we at dojit thought what can we give these people on their first days back. Our answer is startup builder, a 20 question fun quiz which provides you with a […]

LAUNCH: Giant Screen Games Meet Up and BBC Interview!

In the beginning… An event that offered gaming, pizza, beer and socialising – there was no way that LAUNCH: Giant Screen Games Meet Up, at Birmingham’s Millenium Point, could be refused. This meet up presented a chance for businesses and individuals across the country to unite and be involved in a giant screen play of […]

Dojit will treat you to a little gift…

Special game treats will strive to keep Dojit games popular. These treats will keep people coming back for more by opening up levels that may not otherwise be easily accessed. And who doesn’t love a good present? These treats will be available for people who find themselves getting a little frustrated with a particular part […]

Mobile Monday Birmingham strikes again

Mobile Monday Birmingham will be hitting the Birmingham Science Park on the 3rd September! This mobile web meetup is targeted for anyone who has an interest in the mobile industry. The event will hopefully open people’s minds to the possibilities of mobile web while creating an enjoyable experience. There will be intriguing speeches from Microsoft […]

Home Bear Update!

Hey guys! As you know Home Bear is a fun interactive cell game in development at Dojit! It has six stages; and each will contain twenty levels for our cuddly bear to adventure through with your help!  The first Stage ‘Redwood Forest’ now has all of its levels completed and is currently waiting for final […]

Direction or Momentum?

The dojit CEO, Dr. David Bozward was listening to Gordon Lord at a breakfast talk at Birmingham Science Park, when Gordon asked the question : Is it more important to have Direction or Momentum? He stated in his view it was momentum, and as a coach he could develop someone’s direction if they was moving […]

An upcoming Dojit game…Soccer Zillionaire

The Vision Soccer Zillionaire, alas a working title, will be a mobile app that merges fantasy football and board games. And who doesn’t love a good board game? As Zynga have proved recently, by landing Farmville Hungry Hungry Herd in Argos, board games are still going strong. And when mixing football into the premise, things […]

games for our world

At dojit we believe everyone should be playing games, these games should be enjoyed in every part of your day. You should be able to play games while on the train, sitting down having a break or just in those spare moments in your day. So we see that our games should be part of […]

Chicken Strike wins Games Jam

A team of students at The University of Hertfordshire won Dojit’s first Game Jam. The team developed the concept and pitched the game during an evening session at the NACUE Create @nacuecreate InSight event. The winning team came up with a game titled “Chicken Strike” whereby a farmer needs to collect chicken eggs from a […]

Home Bear – Hopelessly Lost

Hullo? You-who! Excuse me? Can you help me? Hi. My name’s Home Bear. I’m hopelessly lost. I bumped my head and now I can’t remember my way back home. You see, I had a home. The very best kind. With a red roof, white walls, a blue door and a garden full of flowers. It’s […]

dojit games studio launches

BIRMINGHAM, UK. April 19, 2012 – Dojit is a new games publisher and developer of handheld games. Its core focus is on the casual, female market and those who are new to handheld games. This growing market has been increasing by around 20% per year for the last five years. It is an important section […]

home bear – first game play

Today we had our first game play for home bear with two levels being tested by the team. We still have some bugs to fixed, however, it was great to have a working version on the ipad and being able to complete the levels. As you can see below the graphics used to still in […]

Mobile Monday Birmingham – Mobile Gaming

We have a great response to the up coming Mobile Monday Birmingham www.momobrum.co.uk Mobile Gaming event which is being held on the 30th April with over 100 delegates already registered. The delegate list reads like a who who of mobile games in the midlands –  http://mobilemondaybirmingham.eventbrite.co.uk/ Mobile Monday Birmingham has only be running since January […]

Home Bear – The begining

  We have just started development of Home Bear, a IOS(Apple), Android and Blackberry game aimed at young and people who are new to gaming. The development team consists of 6 people who are working on all aspects of the game development, graphics and marketing. The image above shows the first mock up of a […]

Launch – Meet the Press

As a start-up one of the great opportunities is finding out what the press want and more importantly knowing how to deal with them. The three key points made were: relationship is most important become a part of the community storytelling in digital pr is a must The final session was a panel discussion with […]

Generate targeted push notifications to each player

The average cell phone has 41 apps on it according to the recent Nielsen report. The average person with a iphone or android device plays games between 7 am and 10 am, so the major group of players are probable commuting to work or school. So the average person at around 7am has the choice of 40 competing games or apps?

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A large set of data collections points to trigger personalised notifications

Our solution allows developers to create and manage a push notification solutions targeted at individual players. We provide plugins for both Unity and HTML5 builds. Management of the service is done online, so you have totally control.

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BA(Hons) Entrepreneurship

a venture creation BA (Hons) Entrepreneurship Programme which is oriented towards students who wish to combine study towards an honours degree with the opportunity to start their own business in a supported environment with guidance from specialist lecturers, practising entrepreneurs and mentors.

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