PlayStation First Program.

Sony is really going after the hearts of developers. They made a good start in February when they announced the PS4 and said how developer friendly the PlayStation4 will be compared to its predecessor. Then at E3 they really went after the indie developers with gaming them space and time to be shown at the Sony’s press conference.

Now, Sony is going after up and coming developers at universities with its PlayStation First Program.  The PlayStation 4 will be added to the program and made available to educators.

This really shows Sony’s push to gain more developers for the PlayStation platform. Indie developers like Jonathan Blow spoke volumes about the developing for the platform and how Sony has made it easier and friendlier.

The head of Academic Development for SCEE, Maria Stukoff said, “The next generation of Independent developers are now in education, PlayStationFirst is at the helm enabling students to gain skills for the future and for PlayStation console development by providing access to real professional tools”

This is the perfect platform for the next generation of developers and Sony is backing it all the way.

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