This Is How Pokemon Go Is Changing The World For The Better

So Pokemon Go launched in the UK last Friday, and it seems that the whole country, if not the whole world, has caught Pokemon fever. Everywhere you go, you can spot Pokemon Trainers running around catching the virtual pocket monsters hiding in plain sight. It’s clearly great fun, but what Nintendo clearly didn’t expect is that the app is having a huge positive impact on its players.

It’s helping those with mental health issues

We touched on this last week, but many players are reporting that having the app is making it easier to cope with mental health issues such as depression. Twitter user @vincentmtweten says that ‘Tbh Pokemon Go has worked wonders for my depression. The hardest part of the day is leaving bed but when you see that Eevee outside it’s easy.’ It seems that the app gives people a reason to leave the house, and helps them get exercise and socialise with others, all factors that can help with illness.

It’s helping out local businesses

With lures being dropped nearby local businesses, they’re getting in on the action. Some are simply advertising their locality to passing Pokemon Trainers, but some are actually offering deals and discounts to them to reel them in. With the ability to request Pokestops now a feature, there’s nothing to stop businesses getting in on the action and bringing the Pokemon Trainers in in their droves. Of course, not everyone is a fan of them wandering in…

It’s bringing people together

The greatest thing about Pokemon Go is that it seems to be bringing communities together, in a way that no other game has really managed. Stories all over the internet talk about how people have made friends while out and about, with people from all walks of life. Of course, sometimes these friendships boil over into romances, and Project Fixup has started the first Pokemon dating app, Pokedates, in order to help trainers find love. It’s also helping people who otherwise have difficulty socialising, such as 6 year old Ralph Kopperman, who is diagnosed with autism. His mum says that he’s interacting and making friends with other trainers thanks to the app, something that would have been unthinkable before.

It’s getting people fit

Of course, the app hasn’t been out long enough in order to see any major results, but it seems that Nintendo have inadvertently made a fitness app. Trainers collect eggs, and in order to hatch them, they have to walk a certain distance. Of course, some trainers are circumventing the system by attaching them to their dogs, but they are out and walking, and what’s a better reward for getting some exercise than getting a new Pokemon?

All in all, it seems no one could have predicted the impact Pokemon Go would have on gamers around the world. It’ll be exciting to see how it will evolve in the future. For now, stay safe while on your Pokemon hunting travels, and let us know if you’ve made any exciting finds!

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