PS4 or Xbox One? Even Sheldon Can’t Decide

Both the Xbox One and the PS4 have been available since November last year, and have predictably become huge successes. The war to be named the ‘best’ console rages on, however. There are thousands of pages of online debate on the subject, and even Sheldon in a recent Big Bang Theory episode faces the difficult task of choosing between the two. Does one console now, after being available for a few months, show itself as the superior gaming platform?

If basing this decision solely on sales figures, it seems that Sony is steaming ahead, with over 6 million consoles as of since March this year. The most recent Microsoft figures state that only 3 million Xbox One units were sold as of January. However, there has been a large boost in sales with the release of Titanfall last month, with sales going up 96% in the UK after consoles bundled with the Xbox One exclusive were heavily advertised.

Opinion online seems to be divided on the issue. Some reviewers have noted that there really is little difference between the two in terms of games and gameplay, with perhaps the PS4 having the edge with it’s slightly better hardware. That hardware, though, has led to a lot of commentary on the PS4 may have the upper hand. Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water has claimed that the performance gap between the consoles will never close, meaning the PS4 will be the better console, performance wise.

Both consoles have faced problems with the hardware soon after launch. PS4 owners were discovering that their consoles had crashing issues, or were simply broken right out of the box. Xbox One has seen sales lag behind likely because of the higher asking price (due to the fact the Kinect technology is included in the price). Recently Microsoft have announced a price drop for the console, dropping it from £429 to £399. The reduced console will still include a copy of Titanfall.

As well as dropping the price, MIcrosoft are building on their work to make the Xbox One a home entertainment system. Recently, it has been announced that a new eight part drama named ‘Humans’ will be airing exclusively through the Xbox One, as well as new sketch comedy show starring Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera. Not to be outdone though, Sony have announced their own TV show called ‘Powers’ to be aired on the PS4.

The Titanfall launch has been a great boost to the Xbox One’s sales, thanks to the title’s exclusivity to Xbox consoles. However, there is debate as to whether a player who simply wants to play Titanfall would bother to splurge on the Xbox One to do so. It has been shown that the One and 360 versions of the game look so similar that the hardware upgrade is pretty much negligible. Perhaps the boost in sales has come from people who were simply waiting for a price drop to make their purchase, rather than fans of the game as hoped.

In short, it seems as though the differences between the two consoles are so infinitesimal that we still cannot declare a ‘victor’ of this console generation, even five months after release. If even Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory can spend a whole episode trying to choose between the two, and ultimately choosing neither, then perhaps there isn’t as much competition between the two as we have been led to believe.

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