PS4 and Xbox One Praised at Tokyo Game Show

Recently a poll was conducted at the Tokyo Game Show, where attendees were able to try out the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The results were published in the Weekly Famitsu, showing that the Japanese gaming public were excited over the release of the PS4.

The poll shows, as Kotaku reports, that gamers praised the graphical upgrade, the inclusion of the touchpad, and the ‘share’ features. Gamers also praised the Xbox One, expressing excitement about the inbuilt Kinect features and graphical quality. This will probably come as a relief to Microsoft, as both the Xbox and the Xbox 360 essentially failed in Japan.

These results also provide some heartening news after a poll of the general public was conducted back in July, which showed that 81,3% of respondents said they had no interest in the Xbox One, and 64.4% were not interested in the PS4.

These numbers may be a worry for Sony, when the Playstation series has been a hit in the country, and the Playstation Portable was named Japan’s most played console in 2010.

Obviously we won’t know for sure how the Japanese population feels about the consoles until their release, where the sales numbers will speak for themselves. At the moment, it seems as if Sony will win the race between themselves and Microsoft for the ‘most popular console’ title. However, Microsoft may be pulling it back. We shall have to see next month!

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