Shout Around: A Social Media App Just For Con Attendees?

It’s well known that app technology is bringing people together in more ways than ever before. What with dating apps such as Tinder, gaming apps that require you to work with your friends, and even games such as Pokémon Go which take you to spots where you’ll find like minded people, there’s lots of ways to stay in touch.

The newest app looking to get funding on Kickstarter is Shout Around. The difference with this app is that it’s designed specifically for convention goers. Using geolocation, not unlike apps such as Tinder, you can find other people with the same interests as you and get to know them. It will allow you to connect with friends by adding them with QR codes, so you don’t have to give out any personal information. You can create ‘shouts’, so you can tell people where you’ll be and invite them to hang out with you. You can even collect badges for checking into different locations.

The app will be a free to use app, with adverts slotted into feeds much like how Instagram handles them.

When you examine Shout Around, it feels like an odd combination of Tinder and Facebook. The idea of a ‘shout’ feature is something that many con goers will love. There’s often times where you would want to invite people to come join in on a card game, or just come and have a drink in the bar after a long day at the con itself. This app promises to make this aspect on con going much easier than trying to arrange meetups on existing social media.

The rest of the features are something that may not be needed, though. Yes, adding friends sounds like it’s a good way to keep in touch, but would users eventually add them to Facebook anyway? Unless Shout Around introduces a robust social media feed to go with the rest of their services, it may not be worth having. Of course, Shout Around will offer the option to private message your friends, but again that can be done through Facebook or Whatsapp.

At time of writing, Shout Around hasn’t met it’s fundraising goal yet, so we won’t know if they’re even going to be creating this app. We won’t really see how useful it is for con attendees unless it’s made and out in the marketplace, so right now all we can do is wait and see.

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